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for Heart and Soul

12h c17 Soul Sendant
mind raping student yes thats exactly how good people or those of the light would do things yes just like those of the dark would but its ok because of fake ass greater good bullshit
12h c16 Soul Sendant
snape is traitor and no amount of being dumbestdoors bitch will change or make up for that
12h c16 Soul Sendant
blah blah blah waste of time explaining that nothing will happen to snape for his pathetic immature behavior and failure as a teacher.
12h c15 Soul Sendant
and dumbestdoor lies about not knowing what was happening either. the level of ignorance is way too high for a society that would have to be exponentially more intelligent just to use magic and letting blatant lies flie as truths is very pathetic, to say the least
12h c15 Soul Sendant
now McGonagall is pretending she didn't know about snapes bullshit when everyone does lmao
12h c14 Soul Sendant
glad to see fleur doesnt suffer from im a good sheeple sydrome like everyone else does
12h c14 Soul Sendant
snape has never been a good teacher lmao how stupid to say he is when he clearly is not
13h c13 Soul Sendant
ah, the even more unbelievable snape bullshit. this trash would be the same as umbridge and never able to get a job near anyones children even if dumbestdoor wanted it that way which if he was actually inteintelligent he would not but ill just skip past the betrothal crap and umbridge and snape shit to the still has not progressed in any real direction part of the story
13h c13 Soul Sendant
ah, yes, more wasted time on the never in a million years would it have happened umbridge bullshit.
5/24 c13 pincho
I know this is fanfic but seriously in what non-twisted horror fic is Snape ever: he was also a competent teacher, relating and instructing the students with a flair which could be infectious

Besides Draco Hermione fics.. so as I said horror fics
5/26 c11 Soul Sendant
more unbelievable nonsense like the pink toad joining hogwarts for absolutely no reason other than laziness. none of these fan fics ever use intelligence or common sense in their writing where it should be used its disappointing
5/24 c8 pincho
So this question is for anyone.

How can any same person who believes Harry about even just one of his school years e er even contemplate that the school is safe or that the staff to include Dumbledore are even vaguely capable of taking care of their kids?
5/26 c7 Soul Sendant
need to get rid of his fake friends like ron. harry doesn't need week minded fools pretending to be friends
5/23 c5 pincho
I forgot to mention, I am confused about the mention of the Will by Dumbledore. Not because he mentions it but because no one, especially Jean ever asks let alone mentions it's lack of use or contents. I highly doubt that Sirius would believe that Harry's parents only left a trust fund and nothing else is mentioned in the will, like legal guardians.
5/23 c6 pincho
Criticism and praise. The story is complete so other than saying I like the story but it is really slow and at this point I am surprised that Hermione hasn't come up in any meaningful way while Harry was telling his history is surprising.

Since Harry is described as humble and severely downplay his actions it would generally mean he heavily plays up the importance and actions of others involved. For the supposed insightful listeners no one has even thought of how much Hermione would be brought up in his stories, that is actually what I find surprising. So I guess less Criticism and more confusion.

I do look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Thank you for sharing!
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