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7/1/2023 c10 lulu2613
I wish someone had spoke up for Lavendar and Parvati. There can be more to them that meets the eye.
7/1/2023 c7 lulu2613
I love that you acknowledge that is wasn’t Harry who was the hero that fateful night it was Lily all along!
6/30/2023 c6 lulu2613
I am loving reading for so many points of view
6/28/2023 c4 Guest
Man reading jean Sebastian kinda off feels weird
6/30/2023 c1 lulu2613
What personal debt?
6/21/2023 c81 Corwyn
A beautiful story. Thank you ever so much for sharing it with us!
6/19/2023 c3 Ohma
yeah, I'm not gonna keep reading

Harmony pairing feels like it's going to take a lot of drama... it's likely that I'd either be annoyed or outright disgusted.

6/19/2023 c2 Ohma
contrive bs to keep Harry and Hermione we come
6/18/2023 c33 Ahruman
*Oh the incredibly common 'you must respect pureblood traditions' hurts to read*, even if it's in-part true. Harry himself can't actually fix things as he is now in the Wizarding world, and handling people who want to hold onto harmless traditions is part of a reformation process. The biggest problem the Wizarding world has is that it has neither the time nor the wiggle room to afford a slow and gradual reform like Dumbledore or Jean-Sebastian want given the rapid expansion of crowd-sourced surveillance towards the fictional Panopticon. Even in-universe both the internet and mobile communications were in the midst of proliferating, with both disposable cameras and mobile phones just about to emerge onto the world stage near the end of the book series, and once that happens, they have about a decade and a half, being generous, before the existence of the Wizarding world is physically impossible to hide should they interact with mundane society at all.

Given that, and the fact that Wizarding society is fundamentally incompatible in several ways with global society as-is, between religious extremism putting populations at risk of going to the pyre or the headsman and near-uncompromising egalitarianism clashing harshly against their aristocratic norms, Wizarding society needs to be ready to adapt or die. The saddest thing is, that in canon, there is no way that they'd be able to prevent the total destruction of Wizarding culture due to persecution or depopulation (what, you didn't think that the mundane world *wouldn't* take in mundane-born wizards or magical creatures?) with two generations, maybe 1 if the extent of inbreeding amongst the wizarding aristocracy chooses that time to come to a head as well.
5/29/2023 c78 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great (re) read. This is one of those stories you have to read every so often, if for no other reason than to see and remember how it's _supposed_ to be done.
5/16/2023 c11 Arumia
Will this be a relationship with
- Harry/fleur hermione/Harry and Hermione/fleur
Or just
-Harry/fleur hermione/Harry
5/12/2023 c81 ericandpete
Loved it.
5/4/2023 c71 iiNeo
You have so many dislikes of fanfic cliches in your bio but can't even clean up your own fic. This reconciliation was done sloppily considering the problems behind and having harry be so accepting of being treated like shit by his own girlfriends.
4/24/2023 c30 maiqsmail
I'm afraid I'll have to discontinue reading this fic. It's just *that* slow paced. Hardly anything happens and that only once every fifty thousands words or so. It's rated as "mature" and "drama, romance", yet almost nothing happens on that front as well. Oh, wow, 200k words in and the main couple got to hand-holding. And "mature" and "drama" is non existent so far and I'm like 1/3 in.
This could be a good slow paced slice-of-life fanfic for Harry&Fleur lovers. However this is not exactly what I was looking for.
4/23/2023 c28 maiqsmail
By Celestia, this is frustrating.
Harry has magical wand, invisibility cloak, maradeurs' map and access to e-file line of Weasley twins prank supplies. As well as the determination to handle things by himself that he had before Fleur.
Why, why does he persist to prolong this needless bantering with Malfoy like he enjoys it?
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