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6/1 c26 Soul Sendant
children of death eaters would definitely not have been allowed to attend hogwarts and definitely wouldnt have become harrys friends since his parents and many other families were wiped out by voldemort and his followers. to think that completely retarded shit like this would happen just shows how retarded the idiot writing this trash is.
6/1 c25 Soul Sendant
daphne greengrass father was a death eater so this part about accepting the dumb slut into the defense club is as fucking retarded as can be.
6/1 c25 Soul Sendant
that comment about having trained harry well is perfect because this harry potter is a retarded sheeple slave for sure
5/30 c61 Jasmine
Instead of talking why don't they watch the memory just like the did for the graveyard?
5/29 c57 Jasmine
Finally some drama...or we could just read some of the pathetic flames in review.
5/28 c50 G Fawkes
Malfoy cast Sectumsempra ONCE. Hermione should have ONE, very bad, deep cut, shoulder to pelvis, which is really, really bad, but that is it. Sectumsempra does not gash you over and over, multiple times.
And dittany- didnt do crap for her curse scar in Canon. She still had a diagonal scar the NEXT scoop year, if I'm remembering correctly. It might not have been book 6 I read that.
After 1900 HP fanfics, I might run them together.
5/28 c49 G Fawkes
Transfiguration corridor?! Defense tower?! Wtf map are YOU looking at?! Neither of those things exist. And with the Great hall being on the first,lowest level, you have to go up three floors of stairs to reach either room.
5/30 c80 KTMac66
Amazing story. Thank you
5/27 c47 G Fawkes
So now Draco is going to have to cry "I'm gonna' tell my mom!"
5/27 c33 pincho
Well thanks for sharing. After the last chapter I lost all motivation to continue. Good luck with any other stories you've written.
5/27 c32 pincho
The end of the chapter was good the scene between Ron and Hermione that is and it looks like finally things will start moving. The rest so far the story should be related as Angst and romance instead of Drama. No real drama is occurring just random light teen angst. Drama would be if Harry confronted people and laid down is non appreciation for secrets.
5/29 c80 cdmartinez
Probably the longest fic I've ever read but we'll worth it! Very interesting and entertaining read.
5/27 c31 pincho
I am a little surprised but not completely that so much time was wasted on religion than preparing Harry for his debut. No high societal instruction, no do's and don'ts, but then again it wasted a lot of time on Sirius and his recovery, yet ignores the fact that Harry was malnourished and stunted in growth.

Yes the story changed his emotional abuse to just being ignored and free slave labor, but nothing else and yet no care has been given other than "he has a family now" which will fix everything. It's just a huge miss.
5/27 c46 G Fawkes
Oh. Forgot this is from ten years ago. Nevermind.
5/27 c46 G Fawkes
Malfoy and his closest compatriots got up and left the Great Hall.
Then Harry and his friends (Gryffindors) got up and left, also.
Why would Daphne and Tracey be out in the hall, NOT being part of Malfoy group, and surely not following him?
If you want the 'good' Slytherins out in the hallway, you kind of need to address that they got up and exited when they see Harry and his group go.
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