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8/23/2018 c1 7woofyy
Lol Ayano is so clueless to Kazuma's advances but Kazuma is such a bully as well lol nice short story. I hope the next one includes a kiss lol but this is really depicts their relationship well. Anyways, good luck with their future stories.
11/15/2017 c1 29YokaiAngel
3/10/2017 c1 Juliastes
11/18/2015 c1 IarIz
ROTF xD haha~ nice nice.
8/16/2014 c1 6SkepticalBeliever
That was one big ball of adorableness. :)
2/2/2013 c1 21The Only Pancake
"I always knew you'd fall for me."

That was so perfect! Well written fic. :D
1/27/2013 c1 3RiversofSilver
I find it weird how most of the one shots here are better than the chapter fics... Simply amazing! I loved how you didn't make them OOC. Pleeeeeaaaaase make this into a chapter fic!?
1/12/2013 c1 Scarlet
This story made me happy :)
11/2/2012 c1 1LunaOlcaRaca
Gods! These two are really perfect for each other :)
8/20/2012 c1 3princess-oro
Oh this was absolutely lovely! I love how you conveyed their dynamic relationship so well and that last part? Totally blew me away(pun intended)!
6/6/2012 c1 1Silver Millenium SD
This story is just so amazing! I melted on the ground when Kazuma said i always knew you'd fall for me!
5/28/2012 c1 14Ja ne Kat
Okay wow your right there is alot of subtext in there that she's juuust not getting. he did push he . . both way, because she HAD to save him and make he look at THEM. and then off a building so that would not make me pleased with him either.
2/8/2012 c1 animelover931
Plz make more that was so so funny I enjoyed that lol:)
1/4/2012 c1 13Sylmarien
ah young love XD so much potential for humour and sweetness at the same time.
12/7/2011 c1 stigmafan123
dear GOD i laughed so hard! XD YOU FREAKING PUSHED ME OFF A BUILDING! The best part is that ACTUALLY seems like something he'd dp :3
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