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11/6/2014 c15 3Music Marauder
Oh, I love this fic! Primeval/Alice xovers are my favourite things. I do hope it is continued one day. :) Thank you for posting!
1/5/2014 c15 Sudoku.Music.Banana
Definitely a fun read.
Sequel still in the works, or not anymore?
6/23/2013 c15 5LilithKawanami
Loved this story so much... but the sequel you mentioned isn't in your stories list...are you still planning on posting it? I'd love to read it! :)
4/4/2013 c15 queengwenhwyvar
Such a cute story! Have you written anymore of Double Trouble?
2/10/2013 c15 18findmywaybacktoyou
just finished this entire story and I love it. I love the idea of Hatter 'adopting' Connor as a younger brother and Alice and Conn being friends, and your Duchess and Jack are brilliant.
7/15/2012 c15 Ashely
Oh please continue this story! It was beautifully written and I absolutely loved it! Please post the sequel soon!
4/16/2012 c15 8musicmadness4
Hi! I really love this crossover- you've managed to capture everyone so perfectly. :) now I'm trying to find the mentioned sequal, but I cant seem to locate it... Help?
2/10/2012 c15 5Ryu Forte
This is too awesome! Just absolutely fantastic, I love it. I really hope this gets continued, it's incredible writing. You've done a brilliant job of capturing the characters personalities and mannerisms. I also really like what you've done with the Duchess as a character, made her more relate-able. Well done, just well done! :D
10/14/2011 c15 2Emmauk26
OMC/OMH, I LOVE IT, I just know that it's gonna be amazing, can't wait to read it. ;-D
10/14/2011 c14 Emmauk26
OMC/OMH, fantastic, brilliant, wonderful, totally love it, this is the best Alice Primeval story I ever read, it's amazing, love how you kept them all IC, really love how Hatter kept calling Connor, 'little brother' really really really want a sequel to this, total fangirl sequel coz I really do love this, hehe, wonderful job.
3/20/2011 c15 1XsuicideXkittyX
this story was great i cant wait till you do the sequel really looking forward to that. x
2/23/2011 c15 34LittleWing
This was a fun story. Really liked the differences and similarities between Hatter and Connor (noticed that a bit in the begging of the movie too). It was fun how Alice had "dirty thoughts" about Connor and Hatter...and also how they all thought that Connor and Abby should be a couple, but that Abby just wouldn't let her guard down long enough to let him in.

There's just so much to like and mention about this story that I could easily run out of allotted characters!

On a side note the snippet of Dodo mistaking Connor for Hatter, now has me wanting to see a fic where he uses Connor to get to Hatter (not sure how, or even how Hatter would know Connor).

Anyhoo, nicely done piece. Really enjoyed it. Hatter's interactions with Connor were awesome.
1/24/2011 c15 3Bookworm310
Fantastic Story! i really enjoyedhe Hatter/Connor interaction, its so cute! Can't wait for the sequel! Keep up the good work :D
1/23/2011 c15 rileybear 14
Is it out? I would love to read Double Troubled. Loved this. Very well written. Thank you for doing this. *sighs happily*
1/15/2011 c15 23Danni Lea
I really like this story! I can't wait for the sequel. I wonder how Hatter and Alice would react to Connor and Abby's dissapperance? Hmmm
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