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for Xmen and Teen Titans mixed

2/22/2010 c2 7AzarathCrazy
I liked this one. Very nice! Keep it up!
2/3/2010 c2 12BG224
awesome BBxRae fluff!

Hmm...Cyborg is Cybourg, Robin is Hawk (hee-hee bird names), Beastboy is Beastoby, Starfire is ShiningStar (you have her namee), and Saffire is Raven/you right?

One question. Not to be mean but, why did you change Robin's name? I get Starfire's and you made Raven your OC but Robin's i don't.

Completely off topic now. Saw your profile. The one with you banging your head on the table sounds A LOT like what i said in mine...wierd. Coinident or you just like my converstion? LoL

1/22/2010 c2 ravensawesome
is really good! update soon!

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