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3/2/2014 c1 Lady Kazuko
Jeez... You almost made me cry. The song was perfect and you got the emotions just right. Loved it.
4/10/2010 c1 Britney
WOW! I almost cried from reading this. You chose the PERFECT song for this. I lie it so much, words could not express it...
4/9/2010 c1 Charli2006
aw that's so sweet and the song actually fits perfectly, you've also wrote it excelently as well

keep up the amazing writing :)
2/26/2010 c1 3nightfalcon222
Oh my god.

That was amazing. I almost cried. Literally. Tears in my eyes. I get very emotional when reading InuKag.

Inuyasha x Kagome Forever :)
2/24/2010 c1 9xXthenextbookwormXx
Aw...! That is all there is to say about this. I like Nickelback, too, so this is good. The song's pretty too. Keep writing, you're good at it!
2/17/2010 c1 7Angel-Demon1
AAW! it was so cute! And it made me cry XD
1/23/2010 c1 2Eggry
...Wow. Just...wow.

So good! I'm normally not one for songfics, but this fit so well with the plot! And I'm actually very impressed with the idea. I never really paid any attention, but it's amazing how many important things happened at the Goshinboku and at the well.

I'm also very impressed with how much emotion you conveyed through your writing. It is very hard to do that, and not everyone succeeds at it. But I think you nailed it with this. Even though I knew how things were going to turn out, I still couldn't help but feel depressed and regretful with Inu-Yasha, and sorrowful with Kagome.

The only miniscule critique I would have to make is actually just a simple factual error. Kagome goes back through the well once she finishes high school, not college. She was in junior high during most of the manga, and when she goes back for the three years, she's in high school. But! That fact is miniscule and does not detract from the plot in any way.

I give you two thumbs up, five gold stars, whatever method you prefer. Excellent job. ^_^
1/22/2010 c1 8Anime Freak456
that was very cute! i loved it!
1/22/2010 c1 10Light of Polaris
Hey Namike, Well you said you were concerned about using different styles or something like that but honestly besides a few typos I think it's great. Oh but that one part you borrowed a line from Naruto 'Believe it' Lol couldn't have chosen something better? *ducks backslap* Anyway I think it was great and also from here on in you will address me as *drum roll* Master Reviewer. Every story that i've been the first reviewer for I ask this. Lol so this is what you will call me. Ok, so I'm going to go downstairs now and go say hi to you. Luckily I chose to read this story while you were watching my devilish younger sister. -Polaris (Master Reviewer) ;)

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