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4/28/2013 c4 FanfictionFan309
175 cm is not tall for a sixteen year old i'm 176,5 and i'm 13
1/13/2011 c11 3Elemental Dragon Swordsman
Well, that explains why those three girls are acting that way towards Shikamaru and kinda guessed Yoshino would do that. I'm sure Naruto is gonna get jumped when he starts his date with Hinata if she drinks that potion.
10/23/2010 c10 31zerohour20xx
I'm just curious why Naruto isn't angry in the smallest bit at what is going on. You have him acting like a submissive little puppy even when he finds out that he was drugged by three different women.

As for the Naruto-Anko-Akane thing, would you date the girl that your sister was dating as well? This doesn't make sense.

The Naruto-Tenten was okay but I still say he acted like a submissive puppy when she tied him up and yet didn't react.

Ino was believable and was the kindest of them all so far.
6/2/2010 c10 24nine-orcids
one of the funniest things i ever read... i can't wait for the next chapter!
5/22/2010 c10 1EbonPurlight
ok that was differant lol nice keep it up
5/22/2010 c10 3Elemental Dragon Swordsman
Never expected something like that to happen to Shikamaru.

W-what the-? You mean that person was Anko Akane was seeing?
4/13/2010 c9 buzzbumble
will we find out soon who broke into the archives ? Lee and naruto sparring like gai and kash will be fun!
3/25/2010 c9 9SFBKludge
I can hear the horns now. Release the hounds, the Fox hunt is on!

So far a secret has been blown every date. I wonder if Anko will get this secret? Personally I hope its just writing pressure, and not Baa chan being that psychologically brutal.

You "really" dont drop that sort of world changing bomb on someones head with no prep. In the real world that sort of thing tend to backfire.

Overall a little rushed IMO but its being played for fun like many of the Stooges slapsticks so I'll give your story a 3.5-4.
3/25/2010 c9 3Elemental Dragon Swordsman
I'm gonna guess and say Naruto is pissed at the end of the chapter. I never knew Anko drugged his drink.
3/2/2010 c8 1Jaeromaru
I really enjoyed how this story has come together. It has a nice mix of humor, sex appeal, and drama.

I think the best part of this story is the dialogue. It really does come off as very natural, and it rolls of the brain (since I don't read aloud lol) as I read. I didn't have to reread anything in this story because your writing didn't confuse or disorient me like the type of awkward dialogue I have found in most fics out there. Very fluid read

The Tenten thing sorta slipped me up in the later chapter, where the kyuubi thing made her up and leave (I had to reread some parts). Restrospectively, it added a good foil to how Ino handled it in the recent chapter. Made the reactions far more diverse, and I really enjoy the originality of it.

Akane is a superb O/C by the way. I really liked how you made her relationship status with Naruto very ambiguous, instead of making her some nameless "Harem cog" you threw in for spice. She's emotive, unique, and very human. She's got flaws and quirks to go along with all the great things she's got going on for her, so you did very well balancing her out.

Honestly, this is a top tier story I'd recommend to just about anyone. It really does cover alot of bases, and reaches out to a wide audience. Excellent work and I await the next installment!
2/27/2010 c8 3Elemental Dragon Swordsman
Well...Naruto at a strip joint was a good laugh for me...
2/15/2010 c7 6Demonkid

I think I am going to be feeling like its "filler" like content for the duration of the dates.

And to me most things are short. I like reading stories with at least 10k words per chapter. When I read, I read a lot.

Can we expect any combat in the future chapters?
2/14/2010 c7 3Elemental Dragon Swordsman
This chapter was really interesting.
2/13/2010 c7 Fuyuriku
I would be a Beta for over 50 on-going storys. And I could actually do it... But the, slight, problem is that I might be taken away any day now... (No, really, I'm going to be sent off to somewhere, it's just a matter of time...)

Anyway, believe it or not, it's up to you. So, sorry, but I can't be a Beta, not like I think I might be above avarage anyway. Meh, the only thing that this chapter reminded me that Naruto really doesn't have a backbone when it comes to girls... Which threw me off at the beginning because I just finished watching the third Shippuuden Movie... (No, I'm not going to spoil it if you did wonder that.) O well, not everything can be good. :P Even though the story is quite good the fact that Naruto is being quite... euhmn, backboneless did bring me down a bit, it didn't affect the chapter. (Then again, he was like this before the chapter, but then I tend to believe that when a person honestly says they aren't going to do something they say they arent't, then they do exactly that. :P)

Hmmn, guess I ranted a bit more... Which reminds me, the ice cream that I was eating tasted pretty good while eating this... Hmmn... I better hope you update soon then. :)
2/13/2010 c6 4Aotrs Commander

I particularly liked the humour in the third chapter, it was almsot Prachettian in places.

Keep up the good work.
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