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3/13/2011 c1 3TheRaven'sComputerDesk
MORE! I want MORE! And apparently so do Jareth and Sarah.
3/7/2010 c1 24EmpressHimiko
2/9/2010 c1 16Chibi Binasu-chan
Brilliant! Loved it, deserves way more reviews. I've been looking for such a fic as this and here it is! Lovely. Could have had more at the end.. haha but oh well, it was still brilliant. Also, cheers for the Samhain reference!

Have a cookie!

1/25/2010 c1 3Semisonic
This is unbelievably well written and I was gripped the whole way through. The only slightly confusing part is that the changes of location/time (eg. "February- The Aboveground") are written in italics, just like the dreams. I sometimes missed them them by accident. But apart from that, wow. I love it :)
1/24/2010 c1 345Kitsune Moonstar
This was lovely. I really liked the shifting points of view. Beautiful work as always.


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