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for Who wants to be Cinderella?

8/28/2010 c2 2Dulcamara
can u write a sequel to this? about having to send Alex to a all girl's school? XD
8/13/2010 c2 bubzchoc
great story loved it was a great laugh
2/13/2010 c2 6drdeth2000
Great story, love the ending, have you thought about slightly changing the ending and having Alex go under cover in St Trinians?
2/11/2010 c2 5The Feral Candy Cane
Ahahaha, to anyone who didn't know the whole story, the F* Cinderella thing would probably deeply confuse them.

Great job! I loved it!
2/5/2010 c1 6WhenYourBestJustIsntGoodEnough
It was good! You should write a sequel with ALex doing the mission mentioned.
1/30/2010 c2 28FoxGlade
Made me crack up continuously, good work. Especially making Eagle fall for him... nice touch. Would like to see a sequel of that mission!
1/30/2010 c2 vamp
lol, poor Alex. looks like Blunt will use Alex's newly found skill (aka dressing as a girl) more often now XD
1/30/2010 c2 5Allyxandra Hunter
Damn. I was laughing my ass off this entire time.

-Allyx Hunter
1/30/2010 c2 8Iamawsome
Jaja! Nice ending!

1/30/2010 c2 ATYHRHKPL
I love hyper SAS men. They amuse me :)
1/30/2010 c2 2Linneanna
aww I nearly fell off my chair from laughing xD

extremely funny story, I love it ;)

keep writing like that!
1/30/2010 c2 15krhorsejumper97
1/30/2010 c2 Crazyapple123
Lol, I loved it. *squeals* Can you rite the sequel pretty please? With a cheery on top? *big sparkling eyes full of hope*
1/30/2010 c2 7Ko-pia
That was great! It really made me laugh.
1/30/2010 c2 2NienkevH
This is like the best thing to read in your break from work:P

Made me laugh really hard:D

Please make a sequel!
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