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7/1/2010 c1 7we-are-not-soldiers
Great job on this. I love how Booth and Brennan would want to go and help there. I love the song, too, it's just 5/5 amazingness. Automatic fave story. :))))
3/6/2010 c1 notmagnificent
I like this. I don't really know why, but it just enchants me.
1/27/2010 c1 120Amilyn
Very nice. I like the use of the proverbs and Brennan remembering that trapped feeling so clearly: nicely described.
1/24/2010 c1 4SheOfLittleConsistency95
I really like how you took advantage of the situation in a good way. It is also really cool how you related it back to her childhood and included nonmaterial culture aspects. Love the misquotes and the ending of the chapter... Thanks for writing this!
1/24/2010 c1 95Imagination-Parade
Oh, I liked this. I watch a lot of political news and stuff and every time they start talking about the mass graves in Haiti and all the unidentified victims, I start thinking about Brennan and how she would want to go down there and identify all those people. I love that Booth went with her to help, too. Great job!

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