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4/27/2011 c9 Namna-dono
1/22/2011 c9 6whitespiderlilly
You should really make a fic out of #4. Just a thought.
10/18/2010 c9 Mizashi
OMG I just finished reading everything and I just LOVE IT! :D Your writing is amazing and you totally keep in character! There were so many that were my favorites. I think my current one is the bounty hunter one :D If it's still possible, may I make a request to extend that one? ^_^
7/10/2010 c7 whitespiderlilly
You should make a story from Shed Some Light. I like the idea of Ichigo dieing and then wakeing up from a coma and finding out that Shiro was his brother. Just an idea.
6/17/2010 c9 59TealEyedBeing
lol! 1 was twisted! i SO wanna write an asylum fic :3 #3 was hilarious~ xDD poor Shiro, getting hit with books hurt xD and aww the connected 3 in the middle were cute, cuter, and HOT x3 then gah! angst! mourn! stupid Ichi! you don't cheat! Shiro will fuck up your car and dump you while he goes back to his suicidal tendicies! x( distress, mourning... lol anyways, loved!
6/14/2010 c9 8Strawberry-Ringo
... ... Gah that ended so horribly! It was all happy and cute then bam! Sexy and heartbreak. -chuckle- Guess that's how the cookie crumbles or should I say how the songs shuffle! XD Oh I'm so tired I think I sound funny. XD; How sad. lol But I did love them all even if some weren't totally happy.

Please update soon ^^

Since you've asked before: It Wasn't Me's 4th chapter is currently on 1,428 words. DX It is taking forever to put words into this one since it seems like nothing but a filler chapter to me. ^^;
4/18/2010 c8 59TealEyedBeing
x3 i like it when you cheat~! x3 likey likey like! :D
4/17/2010 c8 8Strawberry-Ringo
Cheater! I love it~! The last one was smexy and the little story in it was amazing! I also liked the little tid-bit that you said may go into L and G. It was cute and a nice little possible teaser! ^^

Please update soon ^^
3/15/2010 c7 Strawberry-Ringo
Hehe you are correct! We love when you cheat. XD I react the same way Shiro did in the first one when I hear christmas songs..The get on my nerves because they stick in your head the whole day. XD

Please update soon ^^
3/15/2010 c7 59TealEyedBeing
Another Christmas Song was hilarious! xDD Poor Urahara. Pfft! Not really lmao~! Shed Some Light was so aww~! ^^ I Dare You xDD LMAO! Rukia! xDD Yellow EPIC KAWAII~! Oneshot oneshot oneshot~! x3 Never Gonna Change i wanted to cry in a corner. Bad Girlfriend (drools through snickers) and Darling Nicky HAWT~! x3

3/12/2010 c6 14KittyWillCutYou
aw you made my day but really that last one. *snickers* I don't know what cha heard about me, but a bitch can't get a dollar outta me~. XD in MY defense me and my bro share a playlist but that was really funny.
3/3/2010 c6 59TealEyedBeing
LOL there're even better ideas in this! :D

1.Tell Me Baby - OMG i'm in love with this idea! :D Model!Shiro is definately one of my fads now x3

2&3.Breaking Benjamin - that was brilliant! :D

6.Love, Sex and Magic - lmao i loved this one! xDD

8.Beyond the Sun - aww it was sad, but really sweet too ^^


can't wait to see more! :D
3/2/2010 c6 8Strawberry-Ringo
These are good as always! Eventhough I loved "Love, Sex, and Magic" I think I've made up my mind for a story to continue. I really want to know what happens in "Tell Me Baby"! It sounds so adorable and smexy! XD
2/22/2010 c5 59TealEyedBeing
Alright, so i'm gonna do a countdown.

50 clicks: 9.Taking Over Me by Evanescence. I love this idea.

40 clicks: 9.Something in Your Mouth by Nickelback. LOL

30 clicks: 2.Falling Inside the Black by Skillet & 10.Darwin by Third Eye Blind.

20 clicks: 3.Camouflage by Third Eye Blind & Psycho by Puddle of Mudd.

10 clicks: 6.My Best Friend's Girl by The Cars & 8.My Dsmbr by Linkin Park.


10 Clicks! :D I would really love a combination of the two drabbles 6 & 8 from there, where Ichigo mourns the loss of Shiro to Grimmjow but strives to get him back. ;3
2/21/2010 c5 ichigo-kurokawa
wohis one was amazing. you got really into it ;P. i always look forward to your updates, they just make my day ^^. i also love seeing whatyou listen to, we seem to share the same taste in music XD. cant wait to read more ;P. Ganbatte, you're doing GREAT!

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