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for Ice Dragon Jedi

4/12 c37 WolfGodMaster
Toshiro is doing what Ichigo would do.
1/2 c44 Guest
Nice story.
11/12/2017 c44 1Neeros
Man, thanks for such an awesome story.

I am very sad at the lack of a proper climax though.
11/7/2016 c44 Betoran
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you! No, just kidding. U freaking awesome bastard! Love this story, sure it wasn't a 200k story that have a plot between the plot that was the mother of the first plot! But... it was pretty damn good. Man, too bad it went from 'lets do this!' to 'Fuck this shit! Fastforward to the future!' from chapter 41 to 44...

Anyhow, love this. Thank you awesome guy from writing this!

P.S. Damn, I wanted to see if you would have added the truth behind hyoyinmaru's flowers... how he grows up and so does his powers when the last flower wither away.
5/25/2016 c44 4everfictional
Thank you for carrying it to completion and sharing your planned ending with us. Even if it isn't in a fleshed out story format. ;)
5/23/2016 c44 1ssj3gohan007
Great story! I love it! Well done!
5/23/2016 c44 9TheWeepingTurtle
At least you finished it. It was a nice ending.
5/23/2016 c44 4Krazyfanfiction1
aww...sad to see this end, but you have your reason.
and battle meditation can totally be used that way, one user used to to control an entire worlds solders to win a battle...or something.
if this DOES get picked up, will you make another chapter notifying us of that?
4/22/2016 c43 ynknow
4/11/2016 c43 5story magic
please, were is the rest of this, i want to know what happens
3/9/2016 c43 4everfictional
Thank you so much for still keeping on with this story after all this time, the amount of care and effort you've put into creating this enlightening piece is amazing, and I'm so thankful to have been able to read what I have so far.
3/9/2016 c42 4everfictional
Love the idea! XD
3/9/2016 c41 4everfictional
Interesting idea.
3/9/2016 c40 4everfictional
I wonder if that's the change his partner was talking about, that his "ice" shell is melting... Love it regardless! XD
3/9/2016 c39 4everfictional
Yes! XD Yoda, I could kiss this version of his character! XD
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