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2/20/2018 c11 chrystyna
pleas please write again at this story
8/16/2015 c11 silver-stone2
are you going to finish story soon because I really love this story.
6/20/2013 c11 xxBittersweetCandiedVampiresxx
Please keep this going.
10/1/2011 c11 Guest
This story is amazing! Please update when you can. Thankyou!
7/21/2011 c11 Tracey87
Please, please, please continue this story and update soon! I love it, its totally different from anything i've read before, really love what you have of the story so far. I cant wait to see edward and jaspers reaction when the find out bellas dating! Dying for more! :-D
1/14/2011 c11 Daddys little crazy bitch
love it

8/12/2010 c10 1pixieangel3000
im loving this but is riley a gd or bad boyfriend to bella

8/5/2010 c10 2Grovz2014
8/5/2010 c10 1Sasu-Sama' Sarukiji-Sempai
oh boy, this maybe come trouble...
8/5/2010 c10 2Jess the Weird
Hey! Here's the 100th review! LOL CatDog's still on and it's actually weirder than I remember...

Anyways, I loved it! I hope when you finish this that you start on that other story you was on about
8/4/2010 c10 3KeyahKun
omg freggin' g i love this story!I'm happy for Eddie and jazz!
8/4/2010 c10 kristenstewart
HAHAH this was epic,loved it.Please write more X
8/4/2010 c10 2vampire.ditto.19
that was close its cut cant wait to see edward and jazz freak out about her dating love it lots
8/4/2010 c10 1Navygirl14
Oh Boy...she needs to tell her dad's she is dating..Better to tell them then to get caught...things are going to get interesting now that she is 16...
7/21/2010 c6 1FandomGirl96
you should skip it to when she is older. please update soon.
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