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1/17 c4 Guest
2/14/2019 c4 AR0RA
I love this story! The plot has a great concept. Since it's been so long since it's been updated, I assume it's dropped, but I couldn't stop myself from reading just the same. (Even though I usually only read complete stories.)
1/4/2019 c2 Guest
the past is SHONE, not shined.
but let me tell you I enjoyed this story immensely!
12/11/2018 c1 MissCaty
Aww. Don't mark it as complete if you leave it on a cliffhanger!
2/8/2018 c4 Guest
The lack of completion of this story makes me really understand Deans blue balls. Lol I hope you make it back to finishing this but I'm going to assume you've moved on from it and won't be back. Ah well. I enjoyed what you did post. :)
11/14/2017 c1 SaigoNoRobin
Hilarious AND sexy. Love it.
4/6/2017 c4 Guest
Nooooo, not a cliffhanger!
7/12/2016 c4 5Allima
I like this fic a lot ! Hope someday you will continue it, maybe ... ?
6/8/2016 c4 Parnita
Oh pls let there be more...
This is so hilarious i want more...
M dying hereeeeee
3/23/2016 c4 3nerdsdoitbetter
More? Please...?
3/23/2016 c2 nerdsdoitbetter
Haha. Entertainingly funny and steamy.
3/7/2016 c4 1AnonymousCrazyFangirl
Omggggggg! I need to know how it finishes!
2/29/2016 c4 Guest
Wow. I am so with Sam on this one. This is hilarious. More please!
11/23/2015 c4 1sleeplessinrio
Is this it? Because it says it's complete but then poor Dean is still suffering. You're mean. But it's ok because you're also a really good writer! Too bad for poor Dean though...
11/1/2015 c4 3HookedOnDestiel
Words cannot describe how much I want this continued. Pretty please ;-)
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