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8/30/2010 c7 Under the Cover of Darkness
I love the incorporation of parts from canon that aren't described. It was brilliant the way the map was created and clever. Great job.
8/30/2010 c6 Under the Cover of Darkness
Michael sounds like a real d-bag and a jerk. So glad they broke up. Great chapter. Really entertaining and interesting.

Hope you contniue and thanks for another awesome chapter =)
8/30/2010 c5 Under the Cover of Darkness
I love the incorporation of how they got their names. Very clever and perfect. I can just imagine this playing out in my head. The reference to Alice in Wonderland was good too. Great job!
8/30/2010 c4 Under the Cover of Darkness
Peter that stupid rat! I hate him. Love the story, hate that character. Love the idea and love the conversations.
8/30/2010 c3 Under the Cover of Darkness
I love the idea of a yearly social gathering. The house by the beach sounds wonderful and lovely. I really liked this chapter. Great job and thanks for all the great writing.
8/30/2010 c2 Under the Cover of Darkness
Two years apart... I like how they met. It's original and possible. My favorite part would have to be the revelation of what Sirius did in the common room.

Great writing and awesome story.
8/30/2010 c1 Under the Cover of Darkness
Looks interesting. I like the prolouge, though it is about their death...
8/27/2010 c45 1Furionknight
I look forward to more :)
8/27/2010 c45 sapphiretwin369
You sure got a lot into this chapter! I loved seeing all the little moments. It's sad that Remus and Dana got laid off. I have to say I'm curious about what happened to her. Did her and Mark ever get together and does Remus still stay in touch with her? Anyway, I like how you're bringing in the Wolfsbane thing now. And I laughed so much with the scene where Tonks is learning how to drive! :) I'm still looking forward to more!
8/21/2010 c44 3Criss-Colfer-And-Me
love this story plz write more soon :D
8/19/2010 c44 sapphiretwin369
Excellent chapter! I really liked the part where she zoned out. I mean, she even missed the part where he said Dana did a striptease! Lol. It made me smile. :) I also liked the ending. I'm kinda looking forward to the topic being revisited later, whenever that is. Still loving this story! Hope you update again soon! :)
8/18/2010 c44 1Furionknight
I look forward to more :)
8/16/2010 c43 AceEclipse
Love this fic, please update soon ! :D
8/15/2010 c43 ida
Please update, can't wait!
8/7/2010 c43 4SkippingintheDark89
I love, Love, LOVE this story! I need MORE!
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