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11/27/2010 c51 1Corellianjedi2
This is a fantastic story! Can't get enough!
11/27/2010 c51 Needallak
HOLY EFFING MOLY! I just found this over the weekend and read it all. I love it! Please continue :)

ahh shucks man, I can't remember if ur sticking with the whole lupin and tonks dying at the end thing like in the books but I wouldn't mind if you didn't. I'd love more than anything to see them survive and live to see Teddy

grow up. :) Lupin & Tonks 3

hakxksnxjnklh! now I'm gonna be impatient for updates after having read all those chapters at once :P
11/23/2010 c51 3muzikchic4eva
have i mentioned i love this story? funny thing is, the first time my friend showed it to me, i didnt want to read it at all. i guess my mind changed huh? XDD

when tonks gets pregnant (she better, cause teddy's one of my fav characters) the name is still going to be Teddy, right? please?

update plz plz plz!
10/29/2010 c51 1Furionknight
I look forward to more :)
10/12/2010 c50 doralupin86
Awesome! can't wait for the next update! :D
10/12/2010 c49 doralupin86
Wow it brought me 2 tears reading this chapter :'( ...poor Lupins hope they would have kids someday coz they deserved 2 b parents as they would make a wonderful parents! btw great ending love it when remus trying 2 cheer dora up with trowing snow ball lol hehe that was brilliant...it was an amazing chapter! ;)
10/11/2010 c50 Furionknight
I look forward to more :)
10/2/2010 c49 Kailen.Annastasia
it totally makes sense. i love it! ^_^
10/2/2010 c49 Furionknight
I look forward to more :)
9/20/2010 c48 Hester
moremoremore... pleeeaaassseeee!
9/19/2010 c48 Furionknight
I look forward to more :)
9/19/2010 c48 sapphiretwin369
I was so excited to see this update! Especially since I remembered where it left off! Excellent chapter. Remus was very Remus running off for 12 hours to think is over. But I'm glad he really thought about it and is willing to try for her. Definitely looking forward to more! :)
9/16/2010 c47 Fia
Hope you will update(: I'll be waiting!
9/13/2010 c47 nelly
I need an update! Soon! Or I'll die!


I'm serious!


No, I'm not, but nevertheless I'm looking forward to the next chap ;)
9/9/2010 c47 1Emiko33333333
love it
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