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for Just Another Day for John & Lexi, Part 2

3/19/2013 c21 JoeyLuv
It's sad that they lost the twins, but fighting an ancient would probably reek havoc on a body, so it made sense.
3/18/2013 c20 Lost Seoul
Yay! So glad to see you're still with this story. I saw your other post but didn't respond because I always like to read how the author sees it happening. Can't wait to read more!
3/3/2013 c20 ali
just read all the john and lexi stories in the past 3 days, i think they should keep the babies most definately.!

Btw the stories are great , have loved them all ...
1/29/2013 c20 Angel029
I think that they should keep the babies.
1/25/2013 c20 Jamie
I loooove angst and Shep whump. So I vote for losing the twins. Definitely. :)
1/27/2013 c20 Claudi70
I feel like brneyestx, if they lost the twins, better in the Pegasus galaxy, than earth.
1/26/2013 c20 Jackles7
I'm a whump fan, so I say whump away!
1/26/2013 c20 1golden-priestess
I think they should have the twins on earth then go back to the Pegasus galaxy.
1/25/2013 c20 CanadianHalliwell
Im for keeping rhe babies in either galaxy!
1/25/2013 c20 brneyestx
OK. I always want happy ending...but if there is a rocky road to get there...I like that too... happy they won't have to stay on earth...I live there and it not as exciting as the pegesus galaxy... just saying
8/29/2012 c20 ddeatablet
This story was a fantastic read,

At times repetative (john always being sick) .

The final twist with the Lexi being al powerfull made my day.

Will the next chapter be based on a season 6 or will you continue on with season 5?

il look forward to reading the next installment.
7/31/2011 c19 3chefscoob

I made it this far...

i will put in on story alert, in hopes that it will be completeled.
6/14/2011 c18 JoeyLuv
That was one jam-packed chapter! I feel for Lexi, as I had horrible sinus infection when I was pregnant with my third. It was no picnic. Wish both she and John could have told their friends together, but I realize it couldn't work with the rest of your story plans. Can't wait to find out what is going on with Atlantis.
3/27/2011 c20 3Skye Graham
I have to say you had me until this last chapter. Rape! Is'nt that a bit overboard. I guess I didn't see that coming. Of all the things to do to John. Unless something is going to happen that means that it really didn't happen...you take us 20chapters to get John and Lexi married and pregnant and you have him raped! Since he is back to Atlantis now every1 will know regardless of the story's outcome. I'm not sure I want to continue reading...Skye
3/23/2011 c21 18BrnEyesTX
I'll be waiting.. just so you know I am playing with shep while your back in school.,*giggles* hey can't let him get cold! not in all that snow.. so when you need him, he'll be here warm and in my computer! playing with my OC =)
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