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7/1/2010 c6 18natural-blue-26
I always had wished we'd seen more of the side character's reactions in the end... Very nice series you have here.
7/1/2010 c5 natural-blue-26
"A smarter person would have gotten the heck out of there and called 911 from a cell phone or a friend's house. But Rachel was impulsive. She grabbed a metal baseball bat and made her way down the stairs, quickly and quietly."

Wait, didn't Rachel beat up Tom in one of the alternate reality books with a baseball bat? Because it just seems so natural for her to grab one and go at it...

Loved the longer chapter, interesting look insides Rachel's head on how she views worstcase senario with certain family members.
7/1/2010 c4 natural-blue-26
Jordan crush on Marco is cute. :)

"Jordan was almost a teenager and could be more temperamental than usual to say the least." -I have a sister that's 13 and holy how you couldn't be more right.
7/1/2010 c3 natural-blue-26
"Rachel, are you crazy?" Jordan laughed at her sister's antics.

Rachel's shoulders twitched ever so slightly. It was hardly noticeable, but Jordan saw it.

"Not everyone is out to get you," she tried, joking again.

Rachel's eyes glistened slightly. Jordan didn't know what was up, but knew when her sister was upset and she decided to change the subject.

Dear Jordan- if you only know how much those words just "ouched" your sister :(
7/1/2010 c2 natural-blue-26
Little sister's and their 'I told you so' faces. Too cute.

...And Rachel totally would.
7/1/2010 c1 natural-blue-26
Awwww pre-series sister squish. Wring my heart out a little bit more, will ya? Sheesh. ;)
2/24/2010 c6 34The QAS
',_', so sad
2/19/2010 c6 52Musafreen
...talk about grand finales.

By far the best chapter here. I wish there had been fillers, tough. But this one was just amazing. Utter tear-jerker.

2/9/2010 c5 34The QAS
Wow. This is SO good! I hope you update soon! Please?
2/9/2010 c4 The QAS
That was great! I love how you made Jordan flirt with Marco!
2/7/2010 c4 52Musafreen
Nice going, shadowcat.

Sorry. I couldn't resist. XD

Anyway, I love these family drabbles. They're adorable, and they remind me that there are so many facets to all these amazing characters. I liked the last two in particular, and I thought the characterization was pretty good too.

Keep writing!

2/5/2010 c4 6Skyflight Erek's Loyalty
Wow, three chapters of My Sister's Keeper and one chapter of Once In A Blue Moon, all in one day? :D Very impressive.

These were all very sweet and so canon! I can see every one of these in the real series. I love how you used small things from the books (i.e. Rachel getting mad over leftovers, Jordan's crush on Marco) and expanded on them to make a whole chapter out of each one. :D

And I LOVED in chapter two when Rachel sees the hawk and wishes she could fly like that. Cause one day she will fly like that, when she gets morphing powers. And also, I'm assuming it was a red-tailed hawk she saw, because of the reddish brown feathers? Which is really cool, because one day she'll love Tobias, who will be a red-tailed hawk. But she doesn't know any of this yet as she looks up at the sky. Very cool. :D

Okay, I'm off to read Once In A Blue Moon now. :D Please continue this if you can!
2/5/2010 c3 34The QAS
She did it again in book #17
2/5/2010 c1 The QAS
I think they were younger then. Anyway, that's really cute
2/1/2010 c1 6Skyflight Erek's Loyalty
Aww. D: Poor Jordan and Rachel. And Sara, too.

I liked seeing a story with a younger Rachel. It's kind of interesting to think about what the Animorphs were like when they were little. :D

This is a really unique idea. :D And it's cool how it has almost the same title as My Brother's Keeper, only it's My Sister's Keeper instead. Nice. :D

You're putting up more chapters, I'm assuming, right? Can't wait. :D Just wondering: will you be putting up more chapters on My Brother's Keeper, too, or is that one just a one-shot? Because, (sorry about this, I'm so bossy, always giving people suggestions for their stories) I was thinking maybe if you were going to continue it, you could do a chapter on Elfangor and Ax, you know, cause they're brothers too. Just a suggestion in case you wanted any ideas for continuing it or something, I don't know. You don't have to if you don't want to. :D

Anyways...great job! :D (See what I meant about just going ahead and posting your ideas? It's an awesome chap, and no one said "Boo, you stink," did they?) :D

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