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for Choosing to Live Life

3/25/2021 c25 Wika0304
please update, it's interesting
1/23/2019 c6 Guest
This is soooo cute
1/22/2019 c4 Grace van de Velde
This book is great enjoying it and everything is explained so well
1/23/2018 c25 tammgrogan
Wonderful story, I 100% love it.
6/11/2017 c25 2alixandria
Why are they going to Italy? I really wish to read more of this story please?
6/11/2017 c21 alixandria
I love this story so very much indeed.
6/11/2017 c20 alixandria
Poor Bella and Jacob, I hope Angela can erase their memories before they tell anyone about it?
6/11/2017 c19 alixandria
How does Angela know about imprinting?
6/11/2017 c18 alixandria
Can't wait for Jacob to mark Bella.
6/11/2017 c17 alixandria
Poor Bella and Jacob.
6/11/2017 c16 alixandria
I do love the wolf pack, and hah! What better revenge for Bella to be related to Paul! Lmao!
6/11/2017 c15 alixandria
I hope the tribe doesnt try to keep bella away from Jacob because of her families heritage?
6/11/2017 c14 alixandria
What's wrong with Harry?
6/11/2017 c13 alixandria
I love Charlie.. he rocks.
6/10/2017 c12 alixandria
I love the pack!
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