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11/20/2014 c8 8ShiaraS46
Whoa who wis that old woman? Shes a wit h I can tell that much but who IS she?
3/3/2011 c8 2angelvan105
aww what a very most funny, romance and wonderful story i ever read! good job!
3/31/2010 c8 52Resotii
Haha, I think it's kind of funny that Alex's favorite song is Natually and Selena Gomez plays her. XD

Great story!
2/18/2010 c8 Lovely SOS
Wow, I really enjoyed reading this. I think it was very sweet. Whats with the old-lady freak, though? Love the Fireflight song, it's my favorite song by them! LOL I loved the Harper/Zeek it was a great idea and was really funny. Oh, an HP 3 shot? Yes please!
2/18/2010 c8 justiinalexfan123
hm... that was so nice man loved that story great writing skills good luck for the future
2/18/2010 c8 NeverExisted
I really liked this one. I'd like to see more stories with this theme (as Justin being a best friend, like it should have been in the series). This was a great story, if I haven't already stated that.
2/14/2010 c8 11BusyBee317
Wow, that was so sweet! I loved the 'ending' if that is the end. I really loved the story, and I'm sorry (and happy, cuz the ending's so great) to see it end.

I can't wait to read more stories by you! (thanks for the shout-out!)
2/14/2010 c8 13Lexi Dean
AW! This story had a really good ending! Good job :)
2/14/2010 c8 lovely.lilly
Hey! Thanks for the lovely ending. I loved it. Although I am sad the story has ended.

I liked the way you handled the scene between Justin & Alex. It was sweet, sensitive & seemed very realistic.

Thanks for the lovely story. Really enjoyed reading it. I wish you all the best 4 your next set of fics.

One suggestion, You could consider writing a sequel to this fic, in the future :)
2/14/2010 c8 8Kittykat0989
great story really story :D awesome i so loved the ending :P :D so beautiful will there be a sequel?
2/13/2010 c7 11BusyBee317
I think this story is great. I've never really thought about 'Jalex' before, but this is fantastic. Well Done! I hope you continue!
2/10/2010 c7 3Reflection noitcelfeR
Good chapter! and quit calling me Leanard! :p
2/10/2010 c7 13Lexi Dean
AH! THIS CHAPTER WAS SO GOOD! I mean all of the stuff in this chapter was just amazing. And now I have one more thing to look forward to on Valentines Day. :)
2/10/2010 c7 lovely.lilly
OMG! Next update only on/after Valentine's Day! :(

But I have to say Hats off to you for ur usually speedy updates. And since the next update is on Valentine's day I am sure we can expect some good Jalex! ;)

Nice chapter.

I wonder...I wonder...what did harper tell Justin that made him run off like that & even give Harper a cheek kiss? I hope it is what I am thinking :)

This chapter is definitely Harper's chapter. The detailed description of her flowery dress really makes her sound like a fairy godmother. lol

Looking forward to your next chapter :)
2/10/2010 c7 8Kittykat0989
This chapter was really awesome you gotta write the next one real quick! Cant wait for the next chappie OH justin whatcha gunna do?

really great story
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