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9/30/2018 c5 2Roccesc
The ending was so incredibly sweet! I
was half expecting one of them to die in this story (and there would've been more than enough opportunities) and I'm really surprised but also very pleased that neither one got even seriously injured. I loved how after every touch Stella had to force herself to focus again on the task at hand. I'm glad they found the tags, though I never doubted they would. Archie was a really nice touch, giving a little more depth and reality to Mac's past and even though I felt sorry for Stella and could feel her discomfort, it was funny to read how drunk Archie was getting way to close to her. The story really brightened my day and I'm looking forward to read your other stories :)
3/13/2012 c5 171Crowded Angels
I loved.this! Why had this one slipped by me? The suspense, the anticipation... the waiting for Stella to be in some kind of precarious situation because, hi, its Stella. Loved, nay, adored the little touches and looks - so very them. Except with a resolution we wont get on the show. grumblegrumblesob.

Stella shooing off Archie's advances was hilarios!

It was just like watching an episode, well done honey! x
6/22/2011 c1 13Mactaylorsgirl
Love this one really good story line :)
5/4/2011 c5 maria
Your stories rock!
4/11/2010 c5 8Kat's in the cradle
Wonderful story! I enjoyed it very much indeed. =]
3/12/2010 c5 25temporary relief
So, I'm super sad that this is over, but I'm hoping that Old West might be updated. Okay, that was really random, and had nothing to do with the review which I will be starting now.

I like how you told what happened after they left the building itself in a flashback narrative thing (okay, that sentence was supposed to sound extremely intelligent). But it worked really well :D

I bet the Chicago patrol was slightly confused at Mac and Stella's appearance. I would be too :)

Archie's preoccupation with Stella's name is quite hilarious. He's a great character. And he supports Mac/Stella which is always good. Also, I love his enthusiasm. He's a good guy. He just needs to lay off the drink :D And I can just see him all lit up over hearing how Mac found the dog tags. Boys will be boys.

I again love how Stella and Archie are always using each other's name. It's very formal because of what had happened :P And it's very funny :D

And then it ends on a sad note (sort of) which I think fits. I liked that they went back to Stephen's grave. It was fitting that they should give him the tags. And it wrapped everything together nicely.

And then that kiss was nice. So all in all very amazing chapter and story :D Sorry that this is short. I just don't know what else to say except that it was amazing. Have an amazing day! XD
3/12/2010 c4 temporary relief
I did promise I would review. I apologize for the lateness. This chapter was fantastic. I absolutely loved it.

It just flows really well. From the very beginning with them talking about soccer (and that is it's proper name of course ;)) And then their soccer games and war games getting overheard. Well Mac and his friends anyway. It's fun imagining that Mac wasn't always the stoic person he is now.

I enjoyed their conversation about the stairs. Very funny. And it was a personal touch to their relationship that they can say that to each other without offending each other ;)

I really liked this line from Stella '"After all, I don't want to go breaking my neck and depriving you of your best CSI, do I?"'. Once again very funny. I loved how she doesn't give him a chance to reply (although I'm sure he'd agree).

And of course there's peril in this! It wouldn't be your work without it ;) Nicely played too. He just happens to catch her :P I loved it though. Especially these lines '"Stella!" he called to her, fear in his voice for her as he clambered over the mess. "Are you all right? Just hold on..."

A laugh bordering on hysteria jerked out of her at that. "I'm hardly going to do anything else am I?"' That made me laugh again (and reminded me of Doctor Who). Another great line was Mac's random (and yet fitting in a way) line '"You were lighter than I expected."'. It was light and fluffy and a great ending to the peril.

This chapter was fantastic. Onto the next :D Have a great day.
3/7/2010 c5 Holly
That was pretty awesome tbh, glad i got to read it all in one go :) i think chapter 3 was my favourite
3/6/2010 c5 6Hazmatt
Incredible chapter! I really enjoyed this story! Absolutely perfect!
3/5/2010 c5 30Nienna Tinehtele
Yay! Awesome little story Lily. I loved it :D hehe I laughed at the part where Archie woke up and panicked thinking something had happened to Mac and Stella. I love the way you write Mac and Stella, it's always good. Their chemistry and the way they are together just flows and works andn I love it. Way to go girl!
2/28/2010 c5 8Wildweasel
Wow, 'a touch of the sunlight' I liked that very much, nice image for a kiss. But anyway, great ending though. I was glad you made Archie a bit more presentable, I mean the drunken part was understandable, but if he had been always like that it wouldn't have fitted with Mac's character to get involved in his friends' life to help. So it's fair to see a nicer side of the guy, especially after he did all he could (though drunk) to get help for their 'rescue'.

Well, I guess from now on, you know that I love a bit or a lot of whumping Mac, so I was great to find some and loved the comforting moment when they attend to each other, so cute :)

and the kiss under the stars, very well deserved for them.

So thanks for making such a great entertaining story! :)

and Keep up the good work my friend!

2/28/2010 c4 Wildweasel
Hey, nice action part. Loved Stella falling and Mac catching her so easily, even though he was hurt. It was really nice. and the little tease right after, with him saying that he didn' think she was that light, got me a big grin :)

ah, those guys are just too great to watch and read. Nice chapter again, and the use of flashbacks for both of them, sharing kids stories, that's more than bonding, pretty cool! :D

Well let's see the ending now ;)

2/28/2010 c5 31sarramaks
This was a sweet ending to a nicely written fic. I liked the basis for the adventure and the atmosphereyou created within the building.

Good luck for tomorrow!
2/28/2010 c5 Sophia923

Amazing story. I just loved it. The whole thing was so real and I enjoyed reading it.

So congrats and thanks for it. :)
2/27/2010 c3 8Wildweasel
Gee! I couldn't resist at that sentence "the force of their combined wills clashed in a stare", that's amazingly well written. Good job again. I looved all the childish bickering between them and how even through the shadow of the place they're still able to glance affectionaly toward each other. Rella splendid. I enjoyed it. too bad for me it's late now (2AM) kinda need to rest before going to your two other final parts.

Thanks again for this great piece of work!

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