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5/22/2010 c8 Fionn the Otaku
Another terrific chapter, i like how Orihime explained her "healing" power and her modesty about it as well as Ichigo's carrying her to the battlefield. Another good part is the team work Chad and Mizore as well as how Inner Moka took a instant dislike to Ichigo. I also like that Ichigo and inner Moka quickly went from fighting hollows to fighting each other.
5/21/2010 c7 Fionn the Otaku
Another excallent chapter, I like Gin's "introduction" to Rukia and what she did about his harassment. Another good part Rukia's critical observation of the collateral damage Ichigo caused and the conversation triggered by Orihime's desire not keep secrets from there new friends. I also like the Newspaper clubs heading out to hunt monsters at the same time as Ichigo and his friends.
5/19/2010 c8 Renmin
I reject your reality and substitute it with my own!
5/19/2010 c11 Valkarious
An interesting crossover, looking foward to reading more keep the good work coming ^^!
5/18/2010 c11 Multifan
Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I had some problems with the computer registry. Also, I’ve been catching up on Bleach. So far I’m up to #35.

Orihime seems very similar to Hinata when it comes to their crushes. The major difference is that Orihime’s past the “fainting” syndrome Hinata suffers from.

After all the pain she endured, Orihime’s entitled to some big-time happiness, just like Vince and Rogue from your AGU.

I think a major reason why Ichigo doesn’t know about Orihime’s feelings is because he spent years being bitter and guilty because he thought he was responsible for his mother’s death. Now that he knows the truth, the weight has been lightened, but he won’t be rid of it until he gets his revenge on that Fisher Hollow.

There’s a major difference between the Orihime/Ichigo and the Moka/Tsukune situation. Moka and Tsukune know what they want to say, but every time they just about to, something happens or someone shows up. Then we hear what I call the “tootle-tootle” music – the background music that plays every time that happens.

Ichigo’s offering good advice, but Kokoa’s pride is preventing her from accepting it. Speaking of Kokoa, I think she'd get along great with that fireworks lady who helped Ichigo and the others get past the barrier. Both have fiery tempers.

The point where Ichigo flash-stepped, then had his sword at Kokoa’s throat – I think the entire Yokai group should have seen that. If that doesn’t drive home to them the threat posed by the Menoses and Arrancars, I don’t know what will.

Now he’s starting to understand Kokoa.

Ichigo’s reasons are very similar to Peter Parker’s. Both have good reasons to fight. The Yokai gang wants to protect their school – good reason. Kokoa’s wish to be more like Inner Moka – selfish and when compared to Ichigo’s not a good reason.

Ichigo’s not making fun of her. He’s trying to get her to see how serious the situation is.

Ichigo quoted what Zangetsu told him. Kokoa might not listen to Ichigo, but I can see her listening to Zangetsu.

I was kinda hoping for all of that to happen to Moka rather than Kokoa. It would put her in her place for a change. Speaking of Moka, how are you going to handle that. You got two personalities, and white Moka’s more powerful than pink Moka. I’m wondering if he tries to train pink Moka, not only would she fare worse than Kokoa, white Moka might not benefit very much from any progress she makes. While if he trains white Moka, she’ll be able to handle things better and improve, but it might be too much for pink Moka and she’d be bedridden from sore muscles throughout her body.

Kurumu pouting at Uryu’s casual “you’re welcome” – I think Uryu spoiled her. He’s the first to call her a lady. I think she’s expecting him to be the “chivalrous white knight”. He’s got the chivalry and white down.

I know that Shinigami and Quincy have different names for the same ability. Shunpo vs. Hirenkyaku, for example. But I think you’re hovering disk might be something new as in it hasn’t appeared in the anime. Granted, I’m still very early in the series, so if it shows up there, I’ll find out eventually.

Kurumu’s illusions – that’s from the manga, right? Not bad, but it doesn’t hold a candle to a sharp mind like Uryu’s. Seems to me he just went up a notch in Kurumu’s book.

Looks like Mizore’s going to benefit the most during the first training session – ice armor. In time, she could learn to cover her entire body with ice. It’ll also provide additional protection from fire and heat.

The flames coming out of his shoulder – is that “spirit fire”. It wouldn’t have any effect on Mizore, would it?

Mizore’s a master of stealth and can see through her ice clones. She’d make a great spy/scout/infiltrator in the Shinigami.

Though I’ve seen the first 35, I did skip ahead to where Aizen revealed his reasons for the conspiracy. I know about Hisana. I wonder if he’s distant because Rukia looks so much like Hisana, he can’t look at Rukia without feeling pain over his wife’s death.

As for the fairy tale angle – Rukia might not have a “Prince Charming”, but I wonder if she has a “Diamond in the Rough”. As in Renji. When I saw the flashback to Rukia’s and Renji’s childhood and time at the academy, I know they were friends. I’m wondering if it might be more than that. Renji definitely seems to feel more than friendship for Rukia. As for Rukia, she might not realize her feelings for Renji are more than friendship because she’s so caught up being a Kuchiki, if you get my drift.

The title for the next chapter – Trouble at School. I’m wondering what kind of trouble – Hollow trouble, the usual Yokai Academy troubles, Karakura gang trouble, or Kon trouble. If it’s not Hollow-related, I think we’re in for a funny chapter next time.

When is this taking place? I know it’s after the Winter War for Bleach and after Season 2 for RV. But is it spring? I’m asking because I know how significant June 17th is for Ichigo and his family. I think it would be an interesting chapter to include – the two groups accompanying Ichigo as he and his family visit his mother’s grave. While visiting, the Hollow who killed his mother shows up. Moka starts to fight it, but Ichigo tells her in no uncertain terms to stay out of it. She would react as she did a few chapters ago, but I think once she learned the truth, she’d back away, knowing this was personal for Ichigo. And this time, he goes all-out, as going into his second Hollow form just to make certain the Hollow doesn’t get away again.
5/18/2010 c11 11chm01
5/17/2010 c11 4DarkJackel
Not a bad story so far. I do wonder, however, what became of Gin, as well as Grimmjow, Neliel and her Fraccion since in it seems they may have survived the war.

Good work on integrating the characters. It will be amusing o see if the Yokai can step up their game when the Menos come. Also I wonder how Tsukune will react to seeing Ichigo's mask, or worse his Hollow form.

5/16/2010 c11 13p17oyDONju9n
Awesome chapter as usual...keep the good work
5/16/2010 c11 Deu2Ex
Good work man thanks for the chapter and don't worry update when you have the time.
5/16/2010 c11 3Grinja
And so the pairings begin it seems. Chad x Mizore is amusing. It reminds me of that time Chad and Nova were a team in the Bount arc and neither of them talked the entire time.
5/16/2010 c11 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
Man I really pity Rukia right now.
5/16/2010 c11 5animelover1993
oooohh well this was interesting. Ichigo and co. are totally dominating the Rosario group. That does make sence though the bleach characters having more life or death battles.

OOOHHHHH i wonder when Ichigo will have to go Bankai and or use his mask... lots o' problems could arise with that...

Can't wait for the next chapter!

5/16/2010 c11 1Yvori Gevura
GREAT! it`s has good has the other chapters keep going today i don`t have any complains soo see ya later in the next chapter!
5/16/2010 c11 17Silver Warrior
*snickers* poor Rukia. And poor Orihime too! Though now I get the feeling of a well-meaning Moka meddling.
5/16/2010 c11 Dragozilla
Great chapter. Hope you plan on hooking Rukia up with Renji.
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