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3/31/2010 c7 HlNAGlkU

awesome like ever ajajajja

Great job, especially qhen Rukia punish Gin ajajjaa, I wanna see Gin and Kon together in some thing! jajajaja

Orihime had the attention of Rubi? is there something?

great job
3/31/2010 c7 17La'ienth
Gin is so screwed... Because I suppose he will try again. That will be hilarious. Though, it's a good thing Matsumoto is not there. I can't imagine those two interacting ^^'

The argument between Ichigo and Uryu to decide which of them made a mistake is very entertaining. I love the relationship/rivalry between them. Thanks for that chapter.
3/30/2010 c7 1yuuki36
ho.. I see that you've added bits of the new chapter of the manga.. Ichigo's father revealed himself as a Shinigami and the phrase that Aizen said to Ichigo.. I so loved that. It made everything piece together like a puzzle although there are still questions hanging but I'm sure the manga will resolve them soon.

...By the path that the story is going, I think it will be pretty soon that the Newspaper Club learns the truth..

Hihihihi.. I wonder what their reactions to it will be..

..Good luck with the upcoming chapterS! ^^,
3/29/2010 c7 9DetroitBleachWings
im sensing a meeting with the newspaper club in the future... XD
3/29/2010 c7 1OverLordRevan
love the stroy so far hop you update soon
3/29/2010 c7 3Grinja
Haha great update. I wonder if they're gonna bump into Tsukune and crew in the forest.
3/28/2010 c7 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
Something tells me this is going to end in disaster.
3/28/2010 c7 17Silver Warrior
Well, I can think of two words to perfectly describe the Newspaper Club: meddling kids.
3/28/2010 c7 1Yvori Gevura
Oh! great! it`s getting close to the more important parts! go don`t stop you are going great! now i can`t compose a long reply but know that you fic it`s really good and it geting better see see ya later in the next chapter you rock!
3/28/2010 c7 Multifan
Since there are already witches at the school, and Rukia has the cover story as a sorceress, maybe you should have Orihime say she's a summoner. I know it's from the Final Fantasy games, but she does "summon" those spirits or whatever they are, right?

Wouldn't the yokai have "tabloids" about humans as well?

Rukia, I think you should have something more powerful than a level 60 kido spell ready for Gin.

Oh, that did it. If Rukia had used ice instead, she probably would have gotten an 8 or 9 from Mizore, but that would have aroused Mizore's suspicions.

For once, I think Ichigo got one over Uryu with the suggestion of shooting the Hollow from behind. But Uryu had a good point as well. What was he supposed to do?

Finally, Ruby reappeared. Thanks goodness she didn't go like a broken record over "many, many things happening to her".

I'm surprised Ruby didn't make any remarks about Kon. Did she know about him from before?

The Karakura group can probably say goodbye to keeping this all secret next time. If they and the Newspaper Club are going to be searching the same area, and if the Hollows or worse appear, I can't see how it can engage one group and the other group doesn't hear the commotion.
3/28/2010 c7 Dragozilla
Great chapter. I take it in the next chapter, the truth about Ichigo and the others is going to come out to the Rosario gang? The reason I ask is because both groups are heading into the forest and something hollow related is bound to happen.
3/28/2010 c7 origin of summoners
woot monster hunting sounds like it will be a good chapter
3/28/2010 c7 X00001
Nice chapter are we going to see what this Twelfth Division actaully does in future chapters, the kids seem to be doing more than they are at the moment, i can't wait to see what they find keep up the good work.
3/26/2010 c6 Fionn the Otaku
Another great chapter, i like Ichigo's interal dialog at the begining and the exposition about why some hollows are pretty much just very hungry beasts while others are more or less intelligant. Another good part is the collateral damage Ichigo inflics on his surroundings while fighting and Rukia's reaction when the Newspaper club dicovers it. I also like how Kurumu's fight with the Hollow went and Uryu's thoughts while that was happening as well as how he saved her.

Suggestions: Rukia orders Ichigo to either stop causeing collateral damage or stat takeing Orihime with him when he hunts hollows so she can use Sōten Kisshun to repair the collateral damage Ichigo causes, Uryu and Yukari have struck up a friendship based on a love of capes, While out peeping Kon is found and adopted by Yukari who proceeds to treat him in much the same way as Yuzu does,
3/25/2010 c1 1Lupus O'Fluna
good chapter, the idears and timing of the events was well done.

Lupus O'Fluna
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