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3/17/2010 c5 HlNAGlkU

Kon and Gin! they will be the most perver there, it's gonna be fun...

Amazing like ever, just keep going, dont stop please. And just one ting more: do you have read tha manga of Bleach, until now? If you have read it you see the fight of Icchy against Ulquiorra? There was come a powerful and inconcious Icchy, some people call his new hollow Ichigo Berserker, or something like that, do you see it?

If you want it, pt it in Orihime worst memories about her and Icchy, is just a suggestion ok?

keep going please!
3/16/2010 c5 Fionn the Otaku
Another excallent chapter, I like how Kon tried to get picked up (even though that has never worked) and his reaction to seeing the swim club in there true form. Another good part is Rukia's thoughts on the Newspaper club and the talk about Ichigo that happened after Orihime showed up. I also like how Ichigo's first time at the kendo club went and then two stdents in charge of the club, Ichigo seemed a bit to fast and powerful though. Yet another good part is how Kon met Gin and the begining of what could be a beautiful friendship.

Suggestions: Some of the Kendo club members ichigo defeated and lust after Orihime attack him before or after school thinking that he'll be much easier to defeate if there armed and he isn't, Saito Yoritomo and/or Ashikaga "Ash" Takauji are Tengu, Saito and Ashikaga are both at least as powerful as Ichigo in when all three are in human form, soon after metting Gin Rukia figures out that he is a pervert and Blasts him with a Red shot,
3/15/2010 c5 bookimp
Waah! Fun! I love both shows, I don't normally like crossovers much but this one is great. Good job. I look forward to more chapters!
3/15/2010 c5 1Lupus O'Fluna
Nice littel thing you got going here, keep it up its a fun thing to read

3/14/2010 c5 celtcath74
Unique team-up, fear the perverts.
3/14/2010 c5 1yuuki36
ahaha! I forgot about Gin! that pervert wolf guy is a perfect friend of Kon! They match! ahahah!

Cheers for Ichigo! He really is cool no matter what.. ;3
3/13/2010 c1 2Sousou Moutoku
"That Hinagiku told me this story is great, I'll see it" I think before read the first chapter, and now, I'm agree, is awesome, I'm impacient for read more
3/13/2010 c5 000000000000000000000Zero00000
Can I offer a suggestion on Ichigo and Chad's youkai type (assuming they'll need one in the future)?

I'd recommend Frankenstien considering they're technically dead and alive along with the fact that their souls and bodies aren't entirely theirs.

Chad's arms can change into hollowfied versions which means that they're not entirely his real arms just as Ichigo's mask can change his physical appearence and energy, thereby not making it his own.

Also, as a side note, the steriotype of frankenstiens being mindless drones, just scrap that. If you read other references about them you'll find that the original was gifted with great intelligence and strength but hated for his appearence (sound familiar? Orange hair and muscular 6'5 body?), which was why he went on a rampage.

As for the question as to how they were born if the original frankenstein was artficially created, just say that Ichigo and Chad were also artifically created too (it's technically true, Ichigo was made into a hollow and shinigami by Urahara (can you say mad scientist) and Chad was created by Ichigo's spiritual energy, making him and his powers technically, in a sense, artificial.

Tell me what you think,

3/13/2010 c5 Lord-Krun
no save the women Kon and Gin have joined forces! LOL but seriously this is a pretty funny chapter and it is good to see Ichigo kick ass and show he isn't going to take crap form the other students if they try anything on him, although I thought Orihime would have had a few words on Ulquiora seeing as he was the most familiar with her of the Arrancar and it was during his battle with Ichigo that well you know, but still a very good chapter KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
3/13/2010 c5 1Yvori Gevura
jajajajajaja great chapter man! update soon! Gin and Kon rulz!... but it`s not what i`m waiting well se ya in the next chapter dude! you rock!
3/13/2010 c5 X00001
Nice chapter i liked the part at the beginning with Kon and then when he lost he way later, i remember getting lost at college once the place was so big, even today i still never foun where i was looking for LOL. can't wait to see what happens next.
3/13/2010 c5 mlkoolc86
This story is really good. I like the idea of it and the way the story is developing. I never really thought these two series would make a good crossover story but you have proved me wrong. Look forward to the next one!
3/12/2010 c5 silverspetz
Yay! One of my wishes came true, the ultimate alliance of perverts has been born. One thing I have been thinking about, what do you think would happen if Kon was placed in Gins body? I mean Kon is a mod-soul designed with amazing leg-power, even in his plushie-body he is quite fast and in a well-trained human body he is strong enough to fight regular hollows. If he was placed inside Gin who speciaizes in speed I imagine they would make a really powerfull fighter. Especially since Gin is already an S-class monster and the only one of the Youkai gang with powers that rivals Mokas. Even in human form he is very strong, I hope you will explore this idea or at least give it a try.
3/12/2010 c5 17Silver Warrior
uh oh. Perverts uniting is NEVER a good thing.
3/12/2010 c5 jaredhimself31
Chapter was great, I liked the Kon and Gin interaction.
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