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3/12/2010 c5 Dragozilla
What I really like about this crossover is you have the whole Bleach Gang, with the exception of Renji, attending Yokai Academy. Usually in others, its just Ichigo going and one with Rukia going with him. Just curious, How come you didn't put in Renji? I mean he part of the gang to. Or are you planing adding him on later as back up to Ichigo and the others? I think you should in my opinion. But if you don't, I'll understand. Anyway great chapter, espeially the scene where Orihime, Chad, and Rukia defend and explain Ichigo's character and person to Moka and the others and their strong loyalty to him.
3/12/2010 c5 5Extra Gone
Kon and Gin, partners in crime! Girls better be scared or ready to deliver the ultimate ass whoopin'. Funny chapter anyways, congratulations and keep up the good work.
3/12/2010 c5 3Grinja
I knew it haha. Great update.
3/12/2010 c5 Lord Edric
poor girls Gin and Kon or on the loose
3/12/2010 c5 Multifan
I've been eagerly awaiting this. Except for the first chapter, I got a laugh out of each of them to date because of how crazy things are getting.

Forgot to add this last time – if Ichigo thinks the school is crazy, he doesn't know anything yet. He'll find out if he or any of the others run into that math teacher.

I bet there are times Kon wished he had wings.

Coming across the pool and the girls there – I would have called it the appetizer, not the jackpot. The girls dorm would have been the jackpot or the main course.

LOL! OMG. That went better than I could have expected – Kon's dream becoming a nightmare. But I think his worst nightmare is yet to come.

Well, looks like Kurumu and Rukia are hitting it off well.

Seems to me Orihime needs some good therapy – somewhere between Wanda and Vince from your AGU.

When you say "thick", you mean thick-headed? If so, I guess that's a good thing for him, since he probably took quite a few blows in the head from his father, the school fights, and the Hollow fights.

Why do I get the feeling the Newspaper Club is going to keep a closer eye on Ichigo? In the process of standing up for him, I think Rukia, Orihime, and Chad inadvertently complicated things.

I think the art club has been intimidated into silence.

Okay, I did watch a few episodes of Bleach, but it was very late in the series. The kendo match, I remember. As well as Kon being the stuffed dog, the ghost chef, the two kids that were killed in a car accident, and that soccer one with one of Ichigo's sisters in it. Never really bothered with this show until you started this. Anyway, about the kendo match, I was thinking what was it with that guy. He was going drill sergeant on those kids.

I see "thick" has another meaning – Ichigo's so dense he doesn't notice girls.

I'm surprised Gin wasn't there. I think he would have gotten into Ichigo's face.

I think someone should have brought a video camera. Since Ruby's apparently not there, I think she would have wanted to see the match. She'd seen Ichigo's eyes. Now she could see his actions speak for themselves.

Oh boy. Ichigo's going to get a "don't mess with me" reputation. I bet even the Student Police wouldn't have wanted to mess with him.

I think Yoritomo and Takauji are going to cause problems.

Gin's a pervert and he manages to get dates? Most likely he tries to make those dates one-night stands, but the girls keep sending him limping home with his tail between his legs. LOL.

In this school, Gin literally risks life and limb every time he indulges in his hobby. "Dangerous" doesn't cut it.

Maybe Gin should have transformed into a werewolf to help drive his point across. It would have scared Kon even more.

Gin and Kon have teamed up. Girls, tremble in fear or get ready to deliver holy or infernal punishment upon the two. If the girls from the Newspaper Club, Rukia, and Orihime learn about this, the beating they’d inflict on Gin would make their previous beating look like a slap on the wrist. As for Kon, Rukia would have taken him, chided Gin for carrying a childish toy, give Kon to Yukari, and let her have her way with him. Even suggest trying to bring him to life with her magic, but every time she failed, Kon would be feeling the hurt.

Kon better hide his treasure from Ichigo. If someone were to find that in Ichigo’s room…
3/12/2010 c5 eoinreidy
nice chapter I can't wait to see what trouble those two perverts cause. those two charters from the kendo club also seem interesting looking forward to see what happens with them.
3/12/2010 c5 17Ignisha
AHAHAHAHA! Kon and Gin, working together! HAHAHAHA!

Nice chapter, UPDATE!

3/12/2010 c4 17La'ienth
Kon is very skilled to find troubles. And the Newspaper Club has really no idea what's going on. It's hilarious. Thanks for that chapter, and I'm looking forward the next.
3/11/2010 c4 GN00QuanTa
I love it! please update soon! I'm sort of working on one of this myself. It's somewhat similar to romezes story but Ichigo will completly replace Tsukune and he can use kido and cero. I should be done the first chapter soon so check it out! oh and please update!
3/11/2010 c1 Vehrec
Nice story, good concepts and decent characterization.

The spelling errors and other typographical flaws do detract from it quite a bit. Have you considered having a beta or an editor?
3/11/2010 c4 3Grinja
This is really good. I was also a fan of your story Unforseen Consqeuences and I'll be following this story as well.

I'm hoping you add some crossover romance and drama to the mix of this one, as theres two sets of interesting characters. Also Kon and Gin getting together would mean tons of hijinx.
3/10/2010 c4 Fionn the Otaku
Another Excallent chapter, I like Kurumu bad attitude tword investigateing with Mizore while Tsukune is with Moka and Mizore's interpritation of what they found. Another good part is how you handled Rukia's violent reaction to the art clubs opinion of her "art work" and how the news apaer club discovered it was Rukia that blew up the art club. I also like how Rukia covered for her use of Kido and Orihime's reaction hearing that Ichigo joined the Kendo club.

Suggestions: The Kendo club is more of a Kenjutsu club that uses Bokken more often than Shinai and at least a few are Kendo Otaku fixated on all things having to do with Japanese sword fighting, Ichigo and the others find reasons to spend time at the newspaper club helping Rukia after they learn of the Clubs investigative skills are discovered, Ichigo's insanely strong Reiatsu makes him slightly more durable than the average Youkai, Cocoa reminds Ichigo of his little sister Karin (there personalities are kinda similer),
3/7/2010 c4 Multifan
Yep, the Newspaper Club's starting to get involved. Kurumu and Mizore are starting to get suspicious.

I think Orihime might become the second most popular girl in school because of her personality and looks. But second hottest? As Kurumu said, she doesn't seem to be using her looks to her advantage, like Kurumu does.

Uh, oh. Looks like Rukia's going to need to be more discrete.

So many times they had a chance to kiss, and something or someone always interrupt them.

And I thought Orihime lacked discretion. In that department, Ichigo and Rukia seem to be just as bad.

LOL at Yukari's reaction to Rukia's drawings. And keeping quiet was a smart move on Ichigo's part.

At least Rukia seemed to have come up with a plausible explanation for her magic. Speaking of her magic, if she could do that with a low-powered kido spell, I bet she has been tempted to hit Kon with a high-powered kido from time to time.

So Rukia's hoping to join the Newspaper Club in order to learn how they're doing their investigation so that she and the others can take steps to avoid being spotted. Not a bad plan in theory.

I agree with the decision not to put Ichigo in a karate club. I get the feeling he's a street brawler thanks to his dad - all power and force, no skill or finesse.

Once again, Orihime's coming close to blowing their cover. Someone needs to pull her aside and explain what "undercover" means.

I'm chuckling at what kind of trouble Kon's going to get into next time. I can think of a real good one. He wants to find his "paradise". Have him find a "nightmare" instead. Have Yukari find him, take him back to her room, and dress him up like a little witch or warlock, just like Yuzu apparently does. Kon would run from there and seek safety in Ichigo's room. After that encounter, he won't come out unless the Hollows attack the dorms. If the others were to find out, they would get a real kick out of it, especially Rukia and Orihime. Now they know for certain they don't have to worry about the mod soul being a peeping tom.
3/7/2010 c3 Multifan
I think Orihime needs to watch what she eats, or else she's going to get sick. And I'm not talking about a mild case of food poisoning.

So the gangs meet up. Now all the major players have been introduced.

Orihime needs to learn tact and discretion. They'll help her survive in life and especially in this school.

Kokoa - if anyone thought their little sister was annoying, they should be thankful Kokoa isn't their little sister. She's an absolute terror. Or she apparently was. So she seemed to have calmed down a bit.

I agree. The arguing between Ichigo and Uryu seems similar to how Kurumu amd Yukari argue. Those two remind me of how Ryoko and Ayeka argued at times.

I think Uryu's going to become popular when it comes to fixing clothes. He could save the students a bundle of money.

I like Chad's statement of how Orihime seems to be very comfortable attending Yokai Academy. She and the others would probably fit in better there than they ever did in their old school.

I think we can attribute Ichigo's style to how he had to put up with his dad back home.

The Director's hoping to make certain the students don't get involved with the Hollows. Looks like that's going to be a lost cause because it looks like the Newspaper Club's going to get involved. And I'm not including Ruby because she's already acting on the Director's say-so. While that might complicate things, it might not be that bad. The Newspaper Club and the Shinigami teaming up against the Hollows and other creatures - that could be interesting.
3/7/2010 c2 Multifan
So they made their decision. Chad seems like the perfect sidekick/best friend for Ichigo. Rukia's doing it out of duty and obligation, since Yokai Academy asked for help. Uryu doing it out of honor. And she's going out of concern for Ichigo, though I think she's going to regret being so curious about the place. Like the saying goes - curiosity kills the cat.

So it looks like Ichigo and Rukia are going to have a harder time maintaining their cover. If the yokai can see the Hollows and perhaps any stronger spirits that come through, then they can see those two in their spirit forms. They also need to keep their cover as humans as well, though in this case, Ruby and the top brass at the school know what they are and why they're there. That should help them in the future.

Oh, man. Kon seems as bad a pervert as Master Roshi from Dragon Ball (Z) and Master Jubei Yamada from Fatal Fury. Correction, I think he's worse than those two.

Now we get to the rest of the Yokai gang. Tsukune – we can agree that the guy has a lot of luck. Whether that luck is good or bad – the jury's still out on that one. The last guy I can think of who was in a similar position was Tenchi Muyo. Although frankly, Tenchi's better off than Tsukune. Tenchi had only two clingy ladies – Ryoko and Ayeka. Sasami loved him like a big brother. As for Wachu, Mihoshi, and the other one, they have the mature friendship love for Tenchi. Tsukune, on the other hand, has five clingy ladies, if I were to treat Inner and Outer Moka as separate individuals. Correction, three. Yukari's still a little girl, and I'm left wondering what the writers and producers were thinking when they created her. I can see Yukari going starry-eyed at Moka, seeing her as a role model, and calling her Sempai. Since she and Ruby are witches, I can see her calling Ruby “big sister”. I can see her having a crush on Tsukune if he were 12 or 13. I got no problem with her being that young and being in high school. But for her to have those kinds of feelings for Moka and Tsukune at that age – something’s not right with her. As for Ruby, she seems to be the most mature of them and has the same kind of love for Tsukune as Wachu and the others had for Tenchi. And speaking of Ruby, I liked her portrayal in the first season. The second season – she seemed like a cross between an airhead and broken record, if you get my meaning.

Tsukune, face it. You’re too much of a nice guy for your own good. I just laugh every time the girls do that to Tsukune. He got himself into this mess, and he knows of no way he can get out of it without hurting their feelings or losing his life in the process.

Oh man. Talk about an awkward scene there for Orihime and the guys.

I also saw that clip where Ichigo saw Yoruichi for the first time in human form. He got more than he bargained for with that one. I think if Kurumu were ever to learn about this, she’d probably say, “This Yoruichi – I like her style.”
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