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3/7/2010 c1 Multifan
I decided to check this out, but first I went ahead on YouTube and the Wiki pages for these shows to get a basic idea of what's going on. I watched most of Rosario Vampire. I'm not certain if I'm going to do the same with Bleach because of the large number of episodes compared to RV. I haven't read any of the manga, so I might be in the dark about some things.

Ah, young love. Looks like both of them wanted to take advantage of the situation.

LOL. I guess that's one way to teach them not to skip class.

I saw how the barrier cracked and broke apart in the second season. The "crack" explanation seems to be the most probable one at this time.

Things are about to get even more interesting at the school.

Ichigo's wishing to get back into the action. He's about to get his wish.

And Ichigo missing Rukia? Possible romance here?

I saw a clip of how his father treats Ichigo, and I'm left wondering what's the dad's major malfunction. I don't think there's ever any mention of his mother on the Wikia, so she seems to be out of the picture. Maybe that caused the dad to crack. How bad do I think the father is? I'm certain as much as she hated the place, I think even X-Men Evo Wanda would say the dad needs to go to an asylumn. If Ichigo doesn't turn out like his old man, I'd be amazed.

And I'm left wondering how his little sisters are coping with this. But from the clip I saw on YouTube, I think they're just washing their hands of the whole matter.

You did a good job providing a basic background for these characters.

I love Ichigo's reaction to learning about the Yokai academy. Thanks to Rukia, any chance of normalcy in his life went flying into the stratosphere.

Rukia's plan seems to be a little too well-thought out. You just know somehow, somewhere, someone's going to throw a monkeywrench into the plan.

Orihime seems to be the jovial spirit of the group.

I think Orihime has officially impressed Ruby with her healing ability.

So Ichigo seems to understand where Ruby was coming from the most, but he's torn between that and his obligation to protect the town. Understandable.
3/6/2010 c4 4Neccor
hehe, Kon is getting himself in to trouble again. Keep up the good work
3/5/2010 c4 25Bigby the Big Bad Wolf
I love this story. You gotta update soon. I love these crossovers.
3/5/2010 c4 HlNAGlkU
Again, you-re the best!

It's great, I just want you to continue it cause is better every time...
3/4/2010 c4 5Extra Gone
Good chapter as always. It seems that the others are starting to get a clue about Ichigo and friends, and I know Kon's in for quite a treat lol. Can't wait for more madness.
3/3/2010 c4 4randomguy24
very nice! loved the cause of the explosion. just found some spelling and word usage errors, but there wasn't very many.

kon must meet the succubus girl, the second hottest one, whatever her name is. I am looking forward to the next chapter!
3/3/2010 c4 X00001
Nice chapter i liked the explosion and the cause of it. I was in a art club in high school before i left and joined the robotics club. I like the sound of this new member to the newspaper club i can't wait to see how it changes everything keep up the good work.
3/3/2010 c4 1yuuki36
Nice! Ichigo in the Kendo Club. I figured that one or two of them should join the Newspaper Club but I never thought that Rukia would join alone.. Anyway, I love the Kon moment at the end..

I wonder what trouble he'll be brewing in the next chapter.. .' Hm..
3/3/2010 c4 13p17oyDONju9n
Interesting concept and very well written. I actually like it...I'm just wondering when all the fireworks starts poppin and when Inner Moka and Ichigo butt's only inevitable and it would be something to see...It's nice that the rosario crossovers with bleach are finally taking off and there should be more...Anyway good job and keep up the good work
3/3/2010 c1 silverspetz
I have a request to make. Please, please, PLEASE focus all of your attention on this story. Its just to good and I want to see what happens.
3/2/2010 c4 Dragozilla
Can't wait to see what you have in store for Kon in the next chapter. One thing I want to know, will Grimmjow and Nel be in this fic? Update soon.
3/2/2010 c4 17Silver Warrior
okay. Someone wishing they had the artistic 'talent' of Rukia? The mind boggles.
2/28/2010 c3 jaredhimself31
I think this is a pretty good story so far, keep it up. As for clubs for Rukia, I think the Art club would be a perfectly ironic one for her, considering her lack of skill in that area,she seems to also take some pride in those scribbles of hers.
2/26/2010 c3 1Yvori Gevura
hi there man your fic is awesome i hope you update soon (or at least made sure you are going to complete this fic no matter how long you take i can wait jajaja) well i like how you go whit this and the interaction between the bleach and R+V characters. now going to the most important thing here (for me at least) the pairings are going to be MokaxTsukune, IchigoxOrihime? and better who is going to be for Ishida and Chad? Mizore and Kurumu are great options for the both of them (i mean the classical joyfull person and serious person, or bhecouse both are equalli quiet i mean this for mizore) well see ya later it`s your fic so do has you please you rock man!
2/24/2010 c3 origin of summoners
sounds like it will be a good fic. first time the other members of bleach beside the death gods went to the school.
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