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6/18/2015 c1 5ShadowLDrago
That was a bad pun. You should be proud.
5/22/2013 c1 12Finwitch1
Love the pi-rat! It's name Euclid is funny too...
12/9/2012 c1 3The Silvermoon Wolf
Educated beastie, LOL! That was hilarious!
Silvermoon wolf
7/2/2011 c1 1qwertyuiop678
poor will, subject to bad puns...
6/9/2011 c1 10deactivated001
Hahaha that was great!
5/24/2011 c1 4KandyHouse
ppppbbbbbbbtt! I dribbled the water I was drinking down my chin when I read this. I didn't want to do a spit-take on my computer. This is so funny - this is amazing. "Pi-rat" ahahahahahahahaah thank you so much you have just made my life
4/23/2011 c1 GhostAccount111


I love you.
11/29/2010 c1 Jay-Jay and Dove-girl
Oh, haha. (Sarcasm) Love bad puns! :D...Pi-rat.:)
8/13/2010 c1 12Witchy Pixie
Terrible pun...great story.
8/12/2010 c1 7Dance Of Flame

Okay, I'm sorry but that's almost as bad as my music teacher's terrier-ist joke...
6/17/2010 c1 9Hanyou-Foxgirl
Ahahahahahah xD Ah, that was awesome. Great job- I could totally see Jack saying that. x)
5/22/2010 c1 Merdan
Ai! The puns, how painful! Good story, incredibly humorous. Poor unsuspecting Will.
2/21/2010 c1 Eisenschrott
I don't know what's made me giggle the most between the final killer pun and the line: "Euclid's an educated beastie- he's calculatin' the circle's area."

Run as you wish, Will, nobody can escape Jack's, ehr, peculiar sense of humour!
2/19/2010 c1 15F8WUZL8
Hehehe, gotta love those puns!
2/6/2010 c1 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
"I must warn you, young lady, after that little foray, if I ever catch you, I will beat you briskly about the head and shoulders with a saturated egg-noodle. For shame!;)

But it was funny.;) "

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