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8/5/2014 c7 4nafara
i guess this fic has been given up on cause you havent updated in 4 years or your dead witch would mean its done anyways :(
7/29/2014 c7 1Warlord D Thorn
why don't you make him turn human into saiyans
12/23/2013 c7 Masterman997
Hasn't it been like 3 years. You Should UPDATE! plz...
7/26/2013 c7 5Matalvis
Hope you eventually update. Interesting story.
6/26/2013 c7 Rc blazer
I think tht vegeta should be the girl
7/28/2012 c7 gangstar
finish the story it is good to much time has passed since you updated it stop being lazy and complete it is fucking gold
7/27/2011 c7 4Zaralann
Super! Post more!
6/13/2011 c7 pizzaman1200
4/29/2010 c7 Anonymous
Not a bad story, I should say, I like it, so please update soon ^^
About the poll, I don't really care about Raditz or Nappa becoming girls, after all they were supposed to die and are pretty ugly, so it's not like we're losing something here.
But whatever you do, please don't turn Vegeta into a girl.
I just can't imagine it, it's just... urk... He's way too proud for that anyway, and we need him as a boy to get Trunks either way, right?
4/20/2010 c7 KafeiDetour
Excellent story, I greatly enjoyed reading it.
4/4/2010 c7 1Subsonic
Great chapter as always! I have never read so many shocked reactions before! Anyways, I know I disappeared, but update soon or I'll do, um, um, something! Yeah, something!

~Holy Star
3/20/2010 c7 ConnorF
Okay, I thought at first that there was no way this story could be any good...I've never seen anybody pull of the 'real world person put into DBZ' story concept...UNTIL NOW!

Congrats, you've successfully done something that nobody else has managed to do. I am really looking forward to seeing where you go with this from here (now that the main story has started).

Thank you for the great read...I'll be checking in daily for the next chapter.
3/20/2010 c7 Vixeona
Yay! You are still alive! Not that I've been much more active @_@ anyway =o don't ever put rocklee's eyes on anyone ever again! The eyebrows go along with the eyes and then suddenly Raditz is wearing a green jumpsuit and throwing kunai!

And a chemical to turn them female then hm? interesting way of doing it, though I'm curious how it's going to work out. Also an interesting solution with Chichi and Gohan. How will Goten come into play though? A fling? (is predicting chaos if that is the case since she's started dating)

Oh! and a discovery =o or at least what my bf found out is that Tarble is a fan-made character of a fan-made manga/anime sequal and therefore isn't an actual official character. GT was the end of dragon ball, but fans being fans don't like things to end XD

Of course thats assuming my bf's sources are correct, who knows. I suggest looking into it though =o
2/17/2010 c6 Vixeona
Sorry bout not reviewing the past chapters, as you know I've been a bit bleh, and you've posted them quickly too O.O I noticed lots of word and grammar errors in this one and 5 (seems to be from using spell checker without watching what was being used closely), but that said I feel like 5-6 picked up a bit and had more meat than the previous chapters.
2/17/2010 c6 Subsonic
Kami = Hard

Anyway pretty decent chapter I can't wait for chapter 7 and beyond!

(When are you going to update "My Life in One Piece"?)

~Holy Star
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