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for StarCraft Ghost: Black

4/1/2018 c4 2k+Hawki
Decently written.

Honestly, there's nitpicks I can point out, but like I said, nitpicks. So, like I said, decent. Though unless it's a pun, "Brake Through" should be "Breakthrough."
4/8/2015 c3 Hawki
“Novas current position.”

Should be “Nova’s.”

Not too much to say. Battle is…okay, though I have to question Nova picking up an ultralisk using telekinesis. Yeah, it’s technically possible, maybe, but it’s not the kind of thing a Ghost would do – they’re more the stealthy type.

Plot doesn’t progress too much, but it manages to capture the feeling of battle okay.
4/8/2015 c2 Hawki
-I assume Mengsk is joking about being psychic, because while strong-willed, enough to resist mind-reading, he’s never demonstrated any psionic abilities.

Anyway, Mengsk is…okay. Bit more personable than I’d expect him to be, but there’s still essence of his character here.

-There’s not much to say beyond that as the rest of the chapter follows the cinematic trailer for ‘Ghost’ to the letter. Not too bad, but there was plenty of room for expansion and further character development. But it does its job well enough.
4/8/2015 c1 Hawki
Short, and I'd personally have gone for more sombreness and less joy, though the former isn't exactly lacking. It's a decent start overall.
5/30/2011 c6 Lethana
Such a cliffhanger. D:

Oh well, I love it in any case. xD
1/8/2011 c3 Kylar Kerrigan
This is freakin great! That trailer totally needed a story following it, but the thing that did it for me was the end...every terran players nightmare THOSE FREAKIN OUTRANGING,HEAVILY ARMORED, STRONG AS HECK, GUARDIANS!
7/20/2010 c5 1FreedomFighter2184
Great job on the story so far. I hope you still plan to continue it, the intensity of the battle scenes is great, and the level I strive for in my own writings. Keep up the awesome work.
2/15/2010 c5 lordofoneword
Very entertaining. I will be waiting for the next chapter! :]

PS: Bock killed a hydralisk with his hands. Who does he think he is. Hercules! I'm jsut as confused as Hauler.
2/11/2010 c4 lordofoneword
Captain Bock is such a dumbass. I haven't read the book so update when you can!
2/6/2010 c2 lordofoneword
I don't think you need that many semicolons on the end of some of the sentences. Apart from that I love this story. Update when you can. :}

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