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for Max and Fang's Magnificant Misadventures

5/1/2014 c7 fangster
I love the chapter but instead of them falling asleep you have them go to a room and make out there
10/5/2013 c4 Awesome pants
sooooo funny
10/5/2013 c2 awesome pants
-Awesome pants
6/14/2013 c5 Guest
Where's the cake ?
1/19/2013 c2 I3fang101
AWWWWW *Squils like a lil school girl*
11/30/2012 c7 CerberusFromHell
Mother Foop! Freaking update. I will come and force you if you don't update. You better not have forgotten. Update soon!
11/19/2012 c7 AriSkye
Please make more chapters! The story is getting good so far.
6/5/2010 c5 me
they didnt eat the cake!
6/4/2010 c7 3dntblink
Aww faxness! It's good. I enjoyed it so write more(:
6/4/2010 c6 dntblink
Good good good again

and I think it means read and review but im not sure
6/4/2010 c5 dntblink
Good good good

and the disclaimers r funny too!
6/4/2010 c7 MaGgIeIsAsTaR
Yay! You dedicated a chapter! Thank you!

This chapter is sooo awesome, the ending was sooo cute!
6/4/2010 c6 MaGgIeIsAsTaR
I'm pretty sure RnR means read and review, or that's what I always thought...

There are so many awesome things about this chapter. I think it's my most favorite one yet!

5/24/2010 c5 MaGgIeIsAsTaR
Really good! Update!
3/3/2010 c5 1-ceth
Okay, first, Max would have to be 15 at this point because that's Max is oldest. Check wikipedia if you don't believe me, or check the books. Second, Max is a horrible cook, but you hardly mention that other than the fact that she screwed up a few times. James Patterson wouldn't have her even attempt making the cake, Dr. M would do it for her.
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