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11/15/2013 c2 Dracoessa
Oh boy, you got that right shikaku.
10/27/2013 c7 2SeductiveApple
ive been reading a bunch of yoyr stories lately and ive liked them, i hope you update this one too
10/13/2013 c7 sportytc
please can you update soon as i would love to read more. this is a brilliant story and i would love it if you finished it
10/6/2013 c7 Jose19
This story is so much fun to read because Naruto's brother is such a badass but I wonder how strong will Naruto become if he trains under his brother, and what will happen to Sasuke in this story also.
9/28/2013 c1 4esmyra
WAY too many OCs, who are way to powerful, and don't even try to fit into the canon universe. The least you could do was give them japanese sounding names. Also, there is such a thing as spell check and actually trying to take out the worst grammar errors before you publish something. I'm sorry if your writing gets better after the first chapter and this review is irrelevant, but the first chapter sucks enough that I'm not going to keep reading to find out.
9/24/2013 c4 Dracoessa
The snitter is going to hit the giant fan now. Konoha, I hope that your praying to kami-sama to forgive you?
9/24/2013 c2 Dracoessa
You have NO idea how right you are nara-san.
9/24/2013 c1 Dracoessa
The civilian and the elder sides of the council are funked up the wazoo.
9/23/2013 c7 45Wacko12
o now i see the shadow warriors are from Jackie Chan aren't they? are you going to use all types of Shadow Warriors? reply
9/14/2013 c1 Wacko12
"The fact that you consider yourself to be on the same level as myself…..Is being arrogant itself" I bet you got that from Byakuya when he fought the Seventh Espada didn't you?
9/14/2013 c5 Wacko12
i kind of forgot what did those other seals do and who put them on? reply
9/14/2013 c2 Wacko12
nice kind of gives me an idea for a story ive been thinking of. keep going
6/23/2013 c7 Demoninside2
awesome story
6/5/2013 c1 8Lady Nature
That was AWESOME! I am defiantly lovin' this story!
5/7/2013 c6 KO
Once again, I pity the poor souls who get on Zhane's bad side. I don't think Itachi will want to face him if he decideds to go and harm Naruto, otherwise death awaits him... A death named Zhane Akechi...
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