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for One Hundred and Ten Years Apart

9/30/2010 c4 8Spot'sGalFrom1899
Awesome chapter! I can't wait to read more! Sorry I was so late reviewing. My stupid computer wasn't working .

Love the story! Update soon!

9/29/2010 c4 17Firefly Conlon
Yay yay ya. Another lovely update! Btw, EVERYTHING sounds cooler with a Conlon on the end :)
9/29/2010 c4 4Royal shadow1
*RABID FANGIRL SHRIEK* this was amazing! i absolutely loved it :D i can't wait for the next chappie!1
9/27/2010 c3 Christina Conlon
Oh gosh, this is totally amazing! I'm really, really enjoying it so far! =D

My Personal Favorite Quotes...

"Sleep never lasted long enough..."

LoL, totally true! I feel that way every morning! ;D

"Stop. Touchin'. Me."

That is SO something Spot would say! Love it! XD

"Get off my roof, jerk!"

And that is something Delia (if she's anything like the Delia from your other stories) would say. Dang, you are on a roll with good writing and funny quotes! XD


Keep up the great work, and please update soon! =D

~ Christina Conlon
9/27/2010 c3 8Spot'sGalFrom1899
YAY! I love this story! ^^ I'm so glad you updated! I'm listening to 'Hello Brooklyn' right now lol ^^

Great chapter!

Keep writing and update as soon as you can!

9/27/2010 c3 17Firefly Conlon
Omigosh! Twisted amazing descriptive developed. I wait with bated breath for the next installment!

I like the description, it makes the story seem so much more realistic!

Firefly Conlon
9/26/2010 c3 11xXEmiShaeXx
Haha! Hello Brooklyn! You totally got that from me! Sorry phone was lost most of the day! Just checked my voicemail. You know I'm terrible at that. I LOVE IT! YOU'RE INCORPRATING THE FLASHBACKS! Oh, I'm so excited. "...This boy brought back...Something painful..." Oooooh! LOVE IT! Keep it goin' sister!

~ XOXO EmiShae
9/26/2010 c3 4Royal shadow1
Oooooo I really like this it's so intresting! I hope more is comin soon!
9/5/2010 c2 8Spot'sGalFrom1899
Totally awesome chapter! I love your stories! Can you update 'You'll be the Death of Me, Spot Conlon' and 'Disguised'? Those are both amazing stories and I'd love an update!

Keep writing!

8/10/2010 c1 Spot'sGalFrom1899
Awesome! I read the original story and I can't wait to read more! Update soon!
2/10/2010 c1 8Awkward.Quail
This is great!

I can definetly see the diffrence in the old one and this one.


Update Soon.

2/7/2010 c1 11LBMac
Can't say I ever read your first version of this, so I'm kinda coming at fresh, but I really liked the first chapter. Very well written, and intriguing.

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