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6/17/2018 c17 correnhimself316
...Nanina? What have you unleashed upon the multiverse!?
1/16/2015 c6 14Ephemeralen
Totally legit. *sage nod*

Don't worry Hayate! Fate'll come around. Just convince Nanoha that Fate getting tentacled is something Nanoha wants to see! ;P
8/24/2014 c3 Drinkie
Precia as a Prinny? brilliant and rather fitting too XD
8/23/2014 c31 12MangamanZX
Hayate would have a pet tentacle monster :)
5/28/2014 c6 ArcherShirou
I liked
4/23/2014 c23 Guest
I thought Nove was Einhart's legal guardian in cannon?
4/23/2014 c22 Guest
and this is my other OTP
4/23/2014 c21 Guest
I ship Nanofate myself and I keep hearing about other fans going over board but I never seen it hell I my self prefer a Yunno Nanoha Fate OT3 and I would like to see a fic that has Nanofate but gender swapped either Nanoha or fate
9/4/2013 c30 3Sakural7865
This is my favorite of all time! Nothing shall come that'll take away the title! XD
7/28/2013 c11 2GX Hero
Thank you. I never liked Quattro and thought she deserved that scene. Next to Scaglati I think of her as Vile she enjoyed torturing Vivio. Plus I find that no one picked up on this, and possible fear of pink beams. I am glad someone wrote it. Yay
10/15/2012 c24 56Theralion
I liked the reference to the trenchcoats. You could have made more of a reference to the part in Episode 8 of A's, in which Shamal wears a trenchcoat and sunglasses while listening in on Nanoha and her friends visiting Hayate, only to immediately get recognized by Dr. Ishida.
10/15/2012 c21 Theralion
As some have said before, I don't think the "fan dumb" from the Nanoha/Fate crowd is necessarily a good reason to abandon the ship altogether by itself.

full disclosure, I like Nanoha/Fate and would consider it my favorite Nanoha series pairing, although I consider myself more reasonable than most as I won't bash an author for choosing another pairing, and accept that there is virtually no chance of them getting any more overtly romantic than they are now. However, I am somewhat disappointed to hear that you won't be doing work on the ship in the future, and I suspect some other Nanoha/Fate fans who don't do anything to ruin it for others are, too.

away from Nanoha/Fate for this reason is essentially the inverse of, but still related to, doing a Nanoha/Fate story because the audience demands it. You're essentially allowing the less reasonable fans to influence your actions. No fandom is necessarily immune to fan dumb, and the more popular fandoms merely have more fans to fuel this.

should prioritize what works best for the story above all else; it may be that Nanoha/Fate fits best with the story. Romance is not always necessary, but if you refuse to consider Nanoha/Fate, you cut yourself off from potentially viable possibilities.

I also didn't necessarily think this was any more overtly Nanoha/Fate than in canon, since they were merely sleeping in the same bed, so it cannot truly be considered Nanoha/Fate.

Nevertheless, I liked this omake, and the references it made to various parts of the series.
10/15/2012 c19 Theralion
I especially liked this chapter, as it was short and to-the-point, yet also quite powerful. It was very touching and in-character for Signum to say something like that.
6/21/2012 c5 Requiem D
Hail Xellos!
6/21/2012 c3 Requiem D
Prinny DOOD!
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