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2/15/2010 c1 54sallythedestroyerofworlds23
LMAO this was soo funny and ichiruki! It was perfect with ichigo as the boyfriend, it wouldn't have worked out any other way!*favorites* great job!
2/11/2010 c1 17Firisu
Aww. Cute, sweet, funny, all in such a short story. I really enjoyed it.

Hehe, loved the ending, too. ;]

Good work. ^^
2/10/2010 c1 7Anynymys1
This was cute. I liked how the story came and fit together. The plot, idea, etc. was very good. A little heavy paced, but hey this is a contest in 1,0 words! Very good job! I enjoyed reading it and the ending was hilarious!


2/10/2010 c1 10KJMathers
Finally I take the time to sit down and read the other contest entries. I was attacked with laziness. But, being sick and left at home, this was the only thing I could do. So, I guess it's good I'm sick. This was a nice fic. Had me confused for a while, thinking they were each searching for gifts for someone else, but then had a nice surprise at the end. Perhaps it was meant to be that way, or perhaps I'm just slow. Either way, it was a good read.


-The Negotiator of Promise
2/9/2010 c1 Veronica111111
Very cute! I like the 'you're bed bound', 'not an issue'. They're so adorable :)
2/9/2010 c1 3Icebound Observer
So Cute! Now the warm fuzzies are swarming me!

Nice fic, i give it a 9.5/10
2/9/2010 c1 5novella12nite
aw that's the only word for it :)
2/9/2010 c1 11Turtle-chan in Blue
hehe... :} *sneaky smile*

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