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3/15/2011 c1 18Invader Vidya
This is really good. :D I'm surprised you don't have more reviews; very well put together and all of that. I loved the ending..

1/3/2011 c1 17Rhyselle
I love the idea of Severus continuing to teach potions as a ghost. (although I hope he has a teaching assistant to train the First Years in proper knife work! - Sorry, I watched Food Network's Worst Cooks in America this weekend and amused myself by wondering how Snape would have handled so many dunderheads!)

I like how you did this. It would be nice to eventually see something from Draco's POV about his "community service". :)

Good job!
2/10/2010 c1 23whitehound
I'm not sure about Hermione believing there's good in everyone - she was very quick to think the worst of both Crouch and Umbridge - but then Snape doesn't know that, of course. And yes, she's not touchy about her own feelings - if Snape called her "Mudblood" she'd regard it as a symptom of some problem he had, as she did when Kreacher did it.

Some nice touches here, anyway.

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