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for Of Ocean Blue Eyes

8/17/2010 c1 7reluctantpartner
Aw! It ended after one chapter! Tsk, tsk! You shouldn't tease a girl like that! We bite. :D

Update soon!
2/15/2010 c1 1reitahomoeshi
Wow, this is a promising first chapter. The way you wrote this shows how good you are. I'm salivating for more! LoL..

Good job, and I truly hope you will update this a-s-a-p..

ps : I enjoy K/K & K/B too, but I do agree, there's not enough K/S out there.. COngratz though on this.
2/15/2010 c1 JMai
Sugoi! *Glomps Jyurian* Finally, a Sou x Kao fic after so long XD As much as I love my B/K fics, alternative pairings are a welcomed change. Thank you so much for writing this!

I've really enjoyed reading this chapter, and I find it's really interesting that you've keep the setting in ancient Japan but yet created another universe all together from the Anime/Manga, it's absolutely wonderful! I've also find it fascinating how Kaoru is to be Soujiro's double - which I assume is to trick the assassins sent after Sou by the opposing damiyo- I don't think I've ever read any story quite like this one (except for that fic where Kaoru was sent to replace Tomoe as Kenshin's fiancee - but that's totally different anyways).

I can't wait till the next chapter :D Till then!
2/10/2010 c1 9miniwoo
Yay! A sou/kao fic! Many thanks! I love this pairing and there really are too few fics out there and this is the first new one I've seen in a long time.

Can't wait to see Soujiro-i guess i'll have to wait until then to find out the whats and whys. Darn it. Interesting idea though, especially kaoru being a woman as a double, it seems like a more serious position since she needs to train, rather than just a distraction to allow freer travel.

Looking forward to the updates.

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