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8/3/2010 c23 Viktorija
What happened? Are you OK?
8/3/2010 c23 12Isabella Jame Swan Cullen
What's up babI? Why are you stressed? Are you ok?

This was really good! even if you were upset when you wrote this! I loved it! But it made me cry knowing you were crying when you thought to write this! Can't wait for your next update! Hope it's soon!

Love you! XxX
8/3/2010 c22 Isabella Jame Swan Cullen
Great job! I loved it! I miss Dom too! This was a great drabble! Sorry I didn't review sooner!

Love you! XXX
8/3/2010 c23 169ObsessedwithBirds
What the writers did to him was fecking terrible.

Your drabbles are a lot better than mine. I tried but someone said they were OOC and I gave up .

P.S. this one was really sad. :'(
8/3/2010 c18 ObsessedwithBirds
I fecking love slash!
8/3/2010 c17 ObsessedwithBirds
Adorable! XD
8/2/2010 c23 45LostForeverInHisEyes
Hey, hope you are okay.

So, this was very well written, very realistic on the pain of losing someone. Even though it is hard, I don't think anyone would want it to get easier - because then maybe you wouldn't really be living.

Keep writing, it helps me escape.
8/2/2010 c22 Viktorija
I liked it. I miss Dom...
8/2/2010 c22 LostForeverInHisEyes
Nicely. Poor Dom, we never really got to know him. Just not sure about one line that is a little confusing.

"When it came down to things it was about trust, would they trust him to have their back, and the answer was yes, they would. As he in turn would have their back."

Did you mean to say with the last sentence that he would trust them to have his back.

Anyway, Well done. Keep going though, I know it's hard when you aren't getting many reviews, but there are people out there enjoying this.
7/31/2010 c21 12Isabella Jame Swan Cullen
the mircle is that you might actually have motivation to update this coz you have people doing it with you! hehehe! but i do think i hold the record still! but that could change! since i have dedcided to only update one a day at most!

this was really good! full of emotion! prompt number 17! lol! cant wait to see what you do next! update soon!

Tez XxX
7/31/2010 c21 Viktorija
Well done! :)
7/30/2010 c20 Isabella Jame Swan Cullen
great drabble! i loved it! number 58! haha! i check my list and i was like prompt no 58! lol! cant wait for you next one!
7/30/2010 c20 Viktorija
Loved it! Great job!
7/29/2010 c19 Isabella Jame Swan Cullen
AWW! im touched! as we found out in Maths! but still! thats so sweet of you! now im going to have to change my dedication in my drabble! thats technically yours but hey! lol!

this was such a good story for this prompt! i loved it! cant wait to see which one you do next!

Tezza XxX
7/29/2010 c19 Viktorija
Well done! :)
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