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for Wine and Water

7/3/2015 c42 1JoanneSBlack
Good story. It would be even better if it was finished. Please. I read the whole thing in less than two days and i need more... Yes, bit of addiction. But really this is one of the best NCIS fanfictions ever.
4/13/2014 c42 76Left my heart in Paris
Like it a lot, update soon
3/30/2014 c41 Left my heart in Paris
Update soon
2/13/2014 c40 Left my heart in Paris
Love it
2/3/2014 c39 15Awesomely Anonymous
As usual, that was awesome. Please update soon!
1/26/2014 c38 Awesomely Anonymous
YAY! I really loved this chapter, and I really hope you're going to update soon coz' this story is just so AWESOME! More Tiva and Jibbs, please!
1/26/2014 c38 76Left my heart in Paris
Evil ziva haha update soon
1/25/2014 c37 torybooth2010
I just started reafing this story a few days ago. I just wanted to let you know I am reading and will continue to if you continue to post. I really like this story and would love to be able to finish it. :-)
1/20/2014 c37 10Oh My Gold
awww, really sweet, love this
1/13/2014 c36 15Awesomely Anonymous
OH MY GOD... I absolutely loved this chapter! By the way, I posted as a guest before, by the name of Nat. Anyway, I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!
1/12/2014 c36 76Left my heart in Paris
Love it, update soon
1/12/2014 c36 missmerrymak
I like the chapter and i really like the idea, update soon!
11/21/2013 c35 Natalia
9/6/2013 c35 2getlostinwords
Ok so I have just read all 35 chapters and I rely love the story ! Amazing even thought it took me ages to read haha but can't wait for next chapter
8/31/2013 c35 76Left my heart in Paris
Aww love the Tiva update soon
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