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1/4/2018 c7 1yjandtt
12/1/2016 c7 Fan
Please write more! This is so good! Could their be a fight scene with red, robin, and William? That would be great! Please continue!
2/2/2012 c5 4I'mStillTired
LOL, dude, this should be a cross-over! i love it so far though :P
4/2/2011 c7 10Shewhowillnotbenamed1
Esta historia es muy interesante y original. ­¡Espero que tú continúes! También me gusta las parejas de Robin y Raven y Raven y RedX. Me gusta Raven en general actualmente lol. ¡No puedo esperar a leer más!
6/15/2010 c7 6Teen-Titans-Raven
Please write more? I am really enjoying this story.
5/22/2010 c7 Mbcj12
I love it please make more :)
5/14/2010 c7 1xXTheAnimeAddictionXx
Awesome, and hurry up and write! Half of my social life just pissed me off! I gotta do something
4/23/2010 c7 7heartless16
the story is really nice. I would suggest reading over the story several times before publishing that way there will be no misspelled words or typos.

A question: Is Jason a prince?
4/9/2010 c7 28klrob
That was an awesome chapter, but there were a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes...Update soon!
4/8/2010 c7 31BlindMaster
wowow is great .. ! jason is the best personage ok continue
4/8/2010 c7 44Melanie Swirls
Exciting! That took quite a while though! But it was totally worth the wait!
3/24/2010 c6 1Pink Pomegranates
cool story, but i'm a little confused, this is a rae/rob story, but i'm getting the feeling it may turn into a rae/red-x story. which direction is it headed? anyway, I love the story!
3/21/2010 c6 Coco
Love Rae/Redx so much!
3/21/2010 c1 5Merakieros
Wow hice el intento y lo que logro entender del primer capitulo suena muy interesante, pero como te dije en deviant mi ingles es muy pobre, ¿no la tendrás por ahi en español?
3/19/2010 c6 26KraZiiePyrozHavemoreFun
whoaz...drama...yayy jason!
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