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for The fox and the demon

2/27 c1 Guest
Continue it was getting good why's you lose interest
1/10/2017 c3 GOD DAMMIT
WTF! this was a great story why the hell did you abandon it!? i could have read this for hours so please god dammit tell me why!?:,(
3/26/2016 c3 Guest
Can you please continue the story I really like it!?
7/10/2015 c2 Guest
Was the boobs comment really nessasary ?
7/9/2015 c3 strabimonx
Get on with the next chapter please
5/16/2015 c3 Fruits.Baskets1
Add more chapters please
6/2/2014 c3 amuto1
so u are going to continue this story? and the one with itachi and naruto sounds really good please continue this story i really really really like it want to see a sweet side of inuyasha
5/24/2014 c1 2Relina16
Please update soon i love the story and want to know what happens next
7/21/2013 c3 25jena-tomas
Continue, also can you bitch slap sango for me? It would mean alot!
6/13/2013 c3 2Ms.LemonLime
I like the itachixnaruto story idea. I would like it
5/24/2013 c3 wind dancer1981
the one with naruto becoming an assassin is the most interesting one of all of them and had allot of potential go for it
5/24/2013 c3 mattcun
plz write more
4/24/2013 c1 22A Dark Hero
great story
4/10/2013 c1 5Black Night Wolf
love your story
4/10/2013 c2 Black Night Wolf
Please update it
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