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2/14/2010 c1 1NeverLoseHope
Oh my Gosh! This is SO good! But really, really sad. :( This was a present for Alicia? Nice.

I wrote my first story! Haha, you can look at it and review if you like, but you won't understand it because I'm pretty sure you haven't read the series.

2/12/2010 c1 1934. The Forest Again
Well I don't normally say things like this because... it sounds wierd especially comming from me but that was really sorta beautiful. You're a better writer than you give yourself credit for. Some of that symbolism blew me away!Alica seemed very 3d with a lot of life. I've never really thought of Lee and Alicia together in a romantic way but it totally works and I'm now in love with the pairing. The ending was a bit ironic for me because I don't think I've ever told you this but my biggest fear is growing up, having kids and commitiments and stuff(not something to mention to any boyfriends). I guess that's why Peter Pan has always been my favourite folk/Fairy tale. That's why it was uncanny to see Alicia grow up after a tragedy like that. It was a prefect all incompassing view into their life. All in all I loved it! There was a couple tiny mistakes but there always is in fics (ESPECIALLY MINE!). Oh, and I do understand why you only put it under Alicia for characters but, if you want to try and get more reviews you should add Lee in too even if it doesn't really make a lot of sense to do so.

So I guess this means I have to go work on an update for a reason why, eh? Oh and since my present to you is chaptered that means I get another somethin' somethin' from you! *grins wickedly* Hm, lets me see, I would love a Alicia/Oliver with a heavy lemon at the end. Could you do that for me pretty, pretty please with Draco on top and Seamus on the bottom? Thanks (since I know you can't say no to that bribe and this pout)!

I know I'm writing a very long review but you definatly deserve it after this story! It was the best present EVER! Sadly for you, now the bar has been raised for the next present you have to write me.

Well, now all that's left to do is favourite this great story. Tell Emilie about it who now has an acount on fic as of tonight. Her penname is NeverLoseHope if you want to favourite her. Then I'm going to read a bit more of the fic I was reading. After that I then have to reread what I've written so far foe a reason why and try to remember what was suppose to happen next. Then I have to write it. Then I probably give up for the night and say I'll finish it tomorrow and go indulge in my guilty pleasure wizard wrock and cry about how much I wish we could go to the crystal ball this year. Then I'll send you the pictures of where it is to be held that will make you cry too. Then I'll go to sleep and have "strange" dreams.


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