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for tails experimental mistake remade

3/23/2012 c3 2sonicdude10
The grammar is shit. Fix this and I'll have some positive things to say.
12/26/2011 c13 1Binnel
@ guy below me well it was worth it i have'nt seen a sonic x female tails in a while
12/25/2011 c4 Binnel
lol in the parts that you talk with tails you should give him the same gender changer *evil face*
6/1/2011 c2 3The Guy in the Background
Too much grammar error, I am sorry guy but this is UNEXCEPTABLE. I insist that you go back and fix the grammar. Never, should the reader have to think hard in order to understand it, but your grammar is just terrible. Story is a good idea though.

The guy in the background, OUT!
2/9/2011 c13 54Listie The Scribe Maid
Yeah, this is good. The concpt's nice and the story that goes along with it's nice, but when grammer's invovled this falls flat on its face.

Never before have I seen such terrible grammer (USE PERIODS) OR such a terrible ending. Sonic's not gay and should NOT have ANY excuse!

Overall, I've written better when I was two. This may've beeb your 1st story, but you could've tried harder. TG Bronze.
12/18/2010 c2 Ice the cat
Can i say ironic
12/12/2010 c1 1ardx
sorry to point it out, but if Rouge is 19, and Amy is 16...How can Knuckles be the same age as both of them?
10/27/2010 c2 TomahawkMan
No, this isn't an orignial idea at all, if that's what you mean by "at least this is original"

As for the story itself...well. The puncuation's all wrong, you don't capitalize when needed, you don't space when needed, and you can't seem to form actual coherent sentences just to name a few of the many grammatical errors plauging this piece. Usually I'd tell someone to get a beta, but I don't know if a beta could save you. They would have to re-write the entire story...

So my advice to you is to learn the English language. I'm sorry, but I was writing better than this in elementary school.
10/6/2010 c12 xVwings
Hehehe Sweet story! Awsome job! ^^
10/4/2010 c12 8Filthy Weeabu Trash
im gona miss this story. cant wait to see more of ur work!
10/1/2010 c11 Filthy Weeabu Trash
^.^ heh, try spacing your lines in the story.
9/26/2010 c10 xVwings
Awsome story man! I can`t wait for the next chapter!
8/2/2010 c9 Filthy Weeabu Trash
love the before and after diolouge ^.^

but try spacing the scentances in the actuale story ok? it gets hard to read.

but great story none the less!
7/16/2010 c8 6Poke-lover
tell me

Tell Me

7/16/2010 c8 8Filthy Weeabu Trash
try butting spaces between your lines, it makes it easier to read. anyway i liked the chapter, and you are good at cliff hangers.
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