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for daybreakers prank calling hunter

12/30/2010 c6 1Dancer97
hey lol i luv the thing bout the 27 virgins but i thot it was 72? hav you watched Jeff Dunham's Spark of Insanity? it iz hilarious ;)
4/30/2010 c9 mac92795
OMG this is so fucking funny...lol keep wriing pleeaasse!
4/28/2010 c1 7FarmerChick
4/27/2010 c9 Dancing Panduh
You should make a seperate Ash & Quinn adventures FanFic xD
4/11/2010 c8 3Rose Haruno
roflmaool rolling on floor laughing my ass of out loud!
3/28/2010 c8 38Bruce's Bat Cave
3/28/2010 c8 CandyEaters
So funny, we love Adam lambert hehehe, please update soon :)
3/24/2010 c3 Dark Angel4566
awsome-you should writ more awsome...^_^ my little sister thanks their funny =D
3/17/2010 c7 CandyEaters
Please update, its really good it made us laugh so much ,please update :)
3/17/2010 c6 CandyEaters
Haha, they just keep getting better, we love this, your really funny lol :)
3/17/2010 c1 CandyEaters
Hehehehe i love ash, so funny :)
3/8/2010 c7 57BeBe says hi
That was funny! You'd better update soon! :C

It's boring when you've read just about every fanfic or all of the TV shows you like.

I know there's alot. I know, I'm pathetic.
2/27/2010 c7 25MelancholyMadness
2/27/2010 c6 Supahfast Jelleefish
Lol. Wow. Jez was funniest, lol.
2/27/2010 c1 Supahfast Jelleefish
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