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9/30/2023 c21 Miller18
Please update
7/14/2023 c21 dizzykaz
Hi I’m on a major cliff here are you planning on finishing this? I am loving this and want to know what’s happening next is Tanya really pregnant or pulling a fast one ?
4/2/2023 c17 VryUnique
I so hate when they make decisions for each other, for each other’s own good. The absolute disrespect always makes me feel nauseous. A good relationship is an equal partnership built on love, honesty and respect.
12/2/2022 c21 Monnie Mcintosh
Please finish it. Feel better
12/2/2022 c18 Monnie Mcintosh
You would think that fbi would get involved in such a high profile murder in a very small town.
9/18/2022 c21 Guest
thats a lie
8/1/2022 c1 SherylBolton
It is my understanding that Allie passed away before completing this wonderful story, leaving a huge cliffhanger and no further resolution. I would love to see someone who could do this story justice, pick up the mantle and write a conclusion that would make the original author proud.
4/20/2022 c1 Sadfan
After rereading this story, I dug deep to find out if the author was in better health and beg her to finish this fic and found out she passed away back around 2015. I’m devastated at the loss of such an amazing writer and creative soul. I hope the fic gets adopted by someone that can make Allie proud. Bless her soul.
4/6/2022 c21 1amoureuxdeslivres
Love this story. Please write more soon, we need an ending to this great tale.
10/18/2021 c20 1DMBSJB18
I mean… six years later… would love to know if the baby is actually his!
9/4/2021 c21 XxBabyBearxX
Hello ally?
I hope you in good health. I just read you fic and liked very much.
I don’t know if you’re gonna post it anymore but if not and you can answer me a few things I appreciate.
1. Who is the killer?
2. Is Carlisle good or bad?
3. Who is the father of Tanya baby?
4. Will they eventually be together?

Hope you can answer,
Stay safe!

8/28/2021 c21 4TheAuburnRose
I'm so upset and disappointed that I didn't realize this story was not marked as complete! It was wonderfully angsty and I was really looking for a HEA.
7/19/2021 c21 lynnba
Hi Ally - Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know you’ve been on some of our minds. ️
6/29/2021 c21 Baby
Hope you are doing well. Just came across this story and i can't wait for you to finish it
6/6/2021 c21 Avrilsum41
Aww I miss this story, I hope you‘ll update it again and that you‘re still in good health :D
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