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1/8/2012 c1 13Taayluur
Well-written. Sexy. Hilarious
7/8/2010 c1 34Tigers and Dragons
Totally super wicked awesome :D
5/28/2010 c1 2R.E. Weissrose
Aww... hawwt!

And funny! that made it AWESOME! Good job X3

"Cuz everyone knows it's gonna happen at some point!"

that's just sooooooo right! XD
3/7/2010 c1 BGwildroze
Bahahaha, I love hughes!
3/5/2010 c1 1kate4394
hahahaha! i about died when hughes yelled, "'...Havoc, you owe me!'" very nice!
2/18/2010 c1 2animefreak1023
omg! that wuz amayzing! i luv it :P
2/16/2010 c1 1sasaarika
This is quite cool!I enjoyed it very much!Awesome writer,writing as close to truth as possible!*admires*
2/15/2010 c1 Jenna
that was HILARIOUS!
2/14/2010 c1 2TheBonesThatSpeak
Hah! That made me laugh.

So Havoc and Hughes bet on our favorite couple doin' it in the office, huh?

My money was on that a long time ago. xD
2/14/2010 c1 7Destiny's Daughter
Lol. And what an epic sleepover that was~! XD I knew you had it in you to write some fluff icy-chan ;p *dodges arangement of baked goods tossed at lightning speed her way*

I like how it worked out. Typical Hughes, ruining the moment like that

nice job ;0


Destiny's Daughter.

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