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for BTG Rejected

3/19/2011 c1 Aya-chan12081
sawajiri erika? xD she's actually my idol xD

but i like the plot!
3/31/2010 c9 chamae
pls. continue this fic! I hope u change ur mind about this. But to tell u da truth I lyk this better than Bridging da gap. hehe!:D And also pls. update it soon. Can't wait! :p Take care!
2/22/2010 c9 12fanfatic08

I want more! I really hope you change your mind and continue this fic... I do apologize, though, if I'm being too demanding.

anyway, I'm also here to request for an update on the original version of bridging the gap.


2/22/2010 c7 fanfatic08
you have got to be kidding me! I was in such a rush to read this that I didn't bother to read your author notes... including the Ultra Author Note... please tell me you're going to continue this. You are killing me!

hehe... anyway, so far the plot's great and i am loving this version but i wouldn't compare it to the other version because i can be quite biased. hehe.

2/15/2010 c9 Streiter.Destiny.Miseki
Erika seems to be a twin of Yunoki's. That's why I LAWLz-ed even though this was supposed to be dramatic... She was just... so-so... evil? Manipulative? I don't know the right word for it, but yea... she does resemble Yunoki in a way. X~D I actually like her... (O.o)

But, Hino giving up on Len? Whoa... I guess she loves him that much to actually let go. Poor her.

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