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7/5/2011 c17 12FirePony16
Awesome chapter, really looking forward to the next! :D
6/30/2011 c17 15ariex04
Awesome chapter! I'm glad Darren's okay. And that Slager seems to be gone, for now... although that may have been too easy... Keep up the great work!
6/30/2011 c17 lizardmomma
I can't beleive that I missed 4 chapters. I really like what you wrote and I agre with Darren about how he is treating Pheobe, for the most part.
6/29/2011 c17 4thunder903
Damn it just got good hopefully we find out what happens next soon!
6/29/2011 c17 14Stina Whatever
i've missed this story, like, all the new chapters :)
4/20/2011 c16 12FirePony16
Love the chapter, oh the drama... :) Can't wait to see what happens next.

Details... I'm think I emailed you about that but I can't remember now. But I was thinking of doing a sequel for 16 Again (to tie up loose ends) which is very slow going(any ideas?) and maybe a different Chamed fic about Chris (I have an idea for it but the plot doesn't want to work with me). But my creative drive is back to a certain degree after being beat up by school work and other stuff. A mini vacation does wonders for the soul and plus I'm looking forward to summer with its gift of lots of free time to do what I want.

Looking forward to the next update. :D
4/19/2011 c16 JJ Ann
great chapter!

can't wait to read the next one! :D
4/16/2011 c16 23Neferiti
Of course they can fix it! *.* right? pretty please? *makes very cute puppy-dog eyes*
4/15/2011 c16 14Stina Whatever
great chapter, love darren
4/15/2011 c16 Jondy Garwin
i like it a lot it relly held my attantion that's for sure and i cant wait to see the next update in the story and i relly hope that darren is found, beacouse i dont like the i dea of chris having to face wyatt alone and they relly were beaging to beacome the friends they were in the past, so again please update soon I'd like to see what happens next.
4/14/2011 c16 5KW2009
Ok so I reviewed the last chapter and it took this long to update... How long would it take if we didn't review?

Nice chap. Very dramatic. Kinda interested in where you are gonna take this now cause it's kinda peaked...?

Oh and I had to read back a chapter. Again.
4/14/2011 c16 2saturn698
forget? never again! thanks for the comment on my review and for the update! it was the perfect amount of time :) ... tho... if you have an earlier one next time, you wouldn't hear a complaint frome me :D

as for the chapter, i really liked it! it's not getting all mushy or stuck in that depression phase forever like it does in some other fics.. just very real and moving forward. i like it. the part about phoebe trying to blow him up was sad though... i figured she thought he was killed or that she thought she had a miscarriage or something. they need to focus on finding the baby asap! forget worrying about future darren, if they get baby darren that's a def step in the right direction :) esp with this kieren lady out and about.
4/14/2011 c16 15ariex04
Awesome chapter! I want to give Darren a hug. Him and Chris both, but especially Darren. Keep up the amazing work!
4/14/2011 c16 2leetvfan
Loved it. I so hope Chris can find Darren, and is Wyatte really coming with a visit? Update soon
4/14/2011 c16 12Ophelia Lake
wonderful, please write more soon... I want to see if they can rescue baby Darren too so he can grow up with the family and avoid the lifetime of abuse he endures or do you think growing up that way is what makes him the man he is, gives him strength to ignore the demonic half? Anyway, I can't wait to read more so update soon!
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