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8/25/2010 c12 weiliya
great chapter again. Your story is getting really intriguing. I'm a bit confused about Wyatt's plans though... how is he going to destroy Chris AND Darren? Is he really planning to? He's so extremely cruel he's the epithome of a dark lord, but he doesn't seem that consistent or am i wrong?
8/24/2010 c12 4thunder903
Damn I did not see that coming! Just one question those, the last thing Darren said did he say it out loud or was that his thought? Everything was great!
8/24/2010 c12 7Yusuke Urameshi - Mazoku
Pipper is a B*tch and Leo is an a$$. I HATED them is season six. I hated the writers more though because there wasn't one episode where Pipper begged for his forgiveness.

Update soon
8/23/2010 c12 2saturn698
ahhhh that was amazing! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me darren tells them something about the truth? if not all, then enough to knock some sense into them and make chris look goooddddd... i love chris! and this is like the best climax... perfect time for some empathy on their part! lol.. please update soon ! :D
8/23/2010 c12 15ariex04
I think someone needs to heal Chris, very, very soon! The entire scene with the Charmed Ones and Leo I was thinking, "Don't yell at him, HEAL HIM! Yell later!" Is he actually in the future, or is it a dream? Or a premonition? "Hasn't Chris bled enough for your trust?" I loved that line. Great job with this chapter!
8/23/2010 c11 4thunder903
Yes an update i'm glad u updated! N i can't wait to find out what else you have coming for us!
8/21/2010 c11 jeps
thank god- a new chapter! well written as usual, your characters come to life when i am reading. i was beginning to fear you had given up on this fantastic story. i'm not usually a fan of OC's but i love Darren. i cant wait for the next installment- i hope its soon hint hint!
8/21/2010 c11 15ariex04
Great chapter! The future sounds like a really lousy place to live. I feel bad for Chris, having to deal with his family's dislike. And Chris and Darren's emotions are so getting messed with. And oh dear, an evil Greater Power... that's not good. Not at all. I'm excited to read the next chapter, keep up the great work!
7/28/2010 c10 Anouk
Pleaase update! I'm waiting =( I really love your story
7/19/2010 c10 lizardmomma
very good job
7/18/2010 c10 1foreverchrisfan
Okay, can I just cry now? Or better yet, just kill Wyatt myself. Poor Chris! I could never imagine doing anything close to that to my little brother, it upsets me just yelling at him to turn his music down. What Wyatt did to Melinda though is even worse and unforgiveable in my book. I still am not completely sure why Darren didn't want Chris to know who he really was or why Wyatt would make him forget somehow, or at least I think it was Wyatt who made Chris unable to remember Darren when he saw him in the past. Anyway, great chapter! Can't wait for the next!
7/17/2010 c10 AlexHide
That, my dear(?), is AWESOMENESS! :D I love evil Wyatt! He's totally cool.. :) At the end you said to write you if anyone has anything to say...(WTF?) And so, i'm asking, will you kill Darren? (and if you do than, i'll be very sad... could you keep him alive for me?(if that is not too much to ask...:))) away from my rambling, GREAT JOB! LOVE IT! 3
7/16/2010 c10 ella
OMG love it...great job:)
7/16/2010 c10 ella
OMG love it...great job:)
7/16/2010 c10 15ariex04
Wow. Great chapter! I loved it. The action, the characters, and the emotions were great and very believable. I can't wait to see what happens to Darren's family. They aren't in the past, so maybe they're dead? Though I suppose they could just be with the resistance... Awesome job with this!
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