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11/11/2012 c9 KittyKat
i really like your story, i have to say... i do enjoy it when shinichi plays pranks on kaito. anywho... please update sank yous
1/9/2012 c9 2Vanirez
Please update soon I really want to read more and see how Conan gets back at kaito. So please update.
12/30/2011 c9 11Kaida-14Kage
Will you continue this? It's really entertaining!

Not to mention it's amusing how Conan is able to play with Kaito and make him go round and round in circles XD

I wonder too how Shinichi mangaed to get all of those numbers...but it's Shinichi and he comes from a family with resources so it's possible.

I want to know how Kaito ends up in a hospital...hopfully is isnt serious and it's just that they brought him there beacuse he suddenly 'fanited' (Naughty Naughty Conan)

And really like how you are making Conan prank Kaito-Shinichi DOES have a meschivious side to him and can get really scary when he wants to (With or without a soccerball)

And liked how you made Kaito scared when Conan looked at him with 'innocent' eyes -cause really, If Edogawa Conan looks at you like that, expect to be royally screwed XD

Really hope you continue this!
1/18/2011 c3 MisteryMaiden
you know he did that so he'd have an escape route, right?
1/5/2011 c9 8Atheleia
Please continue! Your chapters are funny, perhaps not the funniest I have ever read, but still quite hilarious and keep my attention for quite a bit of time. So, I suppose that I must say, keep writing!
10/8/2010 c8 Pure Momo
This whole thing is pretty good. I find Conan's mischievous side somewhat addicting. Smart and mischief is a dangerous combo especially when hidden under the guise of an 'innocent 6 year old'. I found Kaito's tactics to get back at Conan entertaining as well though. Anyway, did Shinichi have Hakase hack the internet in order to get Conan's name and fake identity as well because I'm pretty sure that there was never a Conan Edogawa in the story to begin with. That leads me to wonder why Kaito didn't wonder about his past school since he was transferred. Anyway, as for your grammar and spelling, it's all rather good. The story isn't rushed, but there are mistakes here and there, such as, the word que which was supposed to be cue. Anyway, update soon.
7/21/2010 c9 10catgirld86
This is funny. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
6/26/2010 c9 3alynawatlovers
most interesting. :D
6/10/2010 c9 LuckyCleric
I love this story. I'm about to die from laughter.
6/10/2010 c4 LuckyCleric
You may have already gotten the answer to this, but this is how the song actually goes:

'Round and 'round the mulberry bush

The monkey chased the weasel

The monkey though 'twas all in good fun

Pop! Goes the weasel

A penny for a spool of thread

A penny for a needle

That's the way the money goes

Pop! Goes the weasel
5/31/2010 c9 just anie6142
And you! I know you just reviewed 'Taboo Love' you also have to update soon! I know I'm little pushy to some people but it would be really nice to see more writers work and update much sooner, but you might be bussy so I'll just drop from time to time to remind you in case you don't update and go HIATUS like others authors here in fanfictionnet, anyway please KEEP GOING!
5/31/2010 c8 wilted luna
Yen are like penneys.I live in Japan, and an ice cream come would cost about 200 yen (2 dollers)
5/27/2010 c1 Mrs.Kudo or Mrs.Fowl
This first chapter is beautiful.Pure poetry. I really love the last paragraph .
5/18/2010 c9 MangaGoddess4life
That's scary! That is what me and my best friend say to people before kicking them in the shin. 'go die in a hole somewhere!'
5/18/2010 c7 MangaGoddess4life
Yes. Kaito was stupid enough to delude himself that 7 year olds are not evil. *sighs* well, we know how this will turn out. (no, not really, but juuuuust enough to know that it will not be pretty) :D
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